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Added a backwards-error-propagation pass.

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pavpanchekha committed Jan 7, 2014
1 parent e42839b commit 554fa2df6b0a3d57a53bf45f317b174fed1c68a9
Showing with 41 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +41 −2 casio/main.rkt
@@ -17,6 +17,8 @@
(define program-body caddr)
(define program-variables cadr)
(define a-program '(λ (x) (/ (- (exp x) 1) x)))
; Functions used by our benchmarks
(define (cotan x)
(/ 1 (tan x)))
@@ -215,7 +217,7 @@
where generator creates new versions of a program to try,
chooser picks a candidate to generate versions from,
and make-alternative generates converts programs into alternatives."
(define (step options done)
(let*-values ([(parent rest) (chooser options)]
[(children) (generator (alternative-program parent))])
@@ -225,7 +227,7 @@
(filter (λ (x) (not (or (member x rest) (member x done))))
(map make-alternative children)))
(cons parent done))))
(let loop ([options (list (make-alternative start))]
[done '()])
(if (or (null? options)
@@ -379,4 +381,41 @@
[`(- ,a ,b)
`(/ (- (square ,a) (square ,b)) (+ ,a ,b))]))
(define (analyze-expressions prog inputs)
(define (annot . vars) (cons 'annot vars))
(define varmap (map cons (program-variables prog) inputs))
(λ (c)
(let* ([exact (bf c)] [approx (*precision* c)]
[error (relative-error (->flonum exact) approx)])
(annot c exact approx error error)))
(λ (v)
(let* ([var (cdr (assoc v varmap))]
[exact (bf var)] [approx (*precision* var)]
[error (relative-error (->flonum exact) approx)])
(annot v exact approx error error)))
(λ (expr)
(let* ([exact-op (eval (real-op->bigfloat-op (car expr)) eval-prog-ns)]
[approx-op (eval (car expr) eval-prog-ns)]
[exact-inputs (map (λ (an) (list-ref an 2)) (cdr expr))]
[semiapprox-inputs (map ->flonum exact-inputs)]
[approx-inputs (map (λ (an) (list-ref an 3)) (cdr expr))]
[exact-ans (apply exact-op exact-inputs)]
[semiapprox-ans (apply approx-op semiapprox-inputs)]
[approx-ans (apply approx-op approx-inputs)]
[local-error (relative-error (->flonum exact-ans)
[cumulative-error (relative-error (->flonum exact-ans)
(annot expr exact-ans approx-ans local-error cumulative-error)))))
(provide (all-defined-out))

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