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Alternatives now contain a list of what changes were made to them

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HazardousPeach committed Jan 19, 2014
1 parent f2fcbe2 commit 66f710f9eb8aeeabbfad4c1d8fef7b078e7a0934
Showing with 114 additions and 14 deletions.
  1. +114 −14 casio/main.rkt
@@ -133,6 +133,35 @@
(inductor prog))
(define (location-induct
#:toplevel [toplevel (λ (expr location) expr)] #:constant [constant (λ (c location) c)]
#:variable [variable (λ (x location) x)] #:primitive [primitive (λ (list location) list)]
#:symbol [symbol-table (λ (sym location) sym)])
(define (inductor prog location)
[(real? prog) (constant prog location)]
[(symbol? prog) (variable prog location)]
[(and (list? prog) (memq (car prog) '(λ lambda)))
(let ([body* (inductor (program-body prog) location)])
(toplevel `(λ ,(program-variables prog) ,body*) location))]
[(list? prog)
(primitive (cons (symbol-table (car prog) (cons 'car location))
(location-map (λ (prog loc)
(inductor prog (append (cons 'car (cons 'cdr loc)) location)))
(cdr prog)))
(inductor prog '()))
(define (location-map fun list)
(letrec ([loc-map (λ (list fun acc location)
(if (null? list)
(loc-map (cdr list) fun
(cons (fun (car list) location) acc)
(cons 'cdr location))))])
(reverse (loc-map list fun '() '()))))
(define-namespace-anchor eval-prog-ns-anchor)
(define eval-prog-ns (namespace-anchor->namespace eval-prog-ns-anchor))
@@ -346,6 +375,67 @@
(cdr (recursively-apply->list (curry rewrite-expression vars) expr)))
(define (rewrite-tree-changes vars expr)
"Returns a list of expressions consed with change objects,
each expression is `expr` but with one subexpression
rewritten according to (rewrite-rules), and the change objects
represent the rewrite made."
(define (attach-changes original list location)
"Loops across a given `list` of single-level alternatives to a
given subexpression, and conses them with a change object.
The change object assumes that the expression was originally
`original`, and that it is located at `location`"
(map (λ (item)
(cons item (change (reverse location) (cons original item))))
(define (recursively-apply->list f expr)
"Takes an expression and a function which generates alternatives
for subexpressions, and returns a list of all the possible
[alternative expressions with one thing change, consed with a
change object to represent the change]"
(location-induct expr
(λ (c l) (cons c (attach-changes c (f c) l)))
(λ (x l) (cons x (attach-changes x (f x) l)))
(λ (prog l)
(for/list ([alt (program-body prog)])
`((λ ,(program-variables prog) ,(car alt)) . ,(cdr alt))))
(λ (expr l)
(let ([oldexpr (cons (car expr) (map car (cdr expr)))])
(cons oldexpr
(append (map (λ (item)
(cons item (change (reverse l) (cons oldexpr item))))
(f oldexpr)) ;The alts involving changes on the whole expression
(map (λ (e) (cons (cons (car expr) (car e)) (cdr e)))
(list-join (cdr expr))))))))) ;The alts involving changes on subexpressions
(define (list-join x)
"Takes a list of lists, and returns a list of alternatives.
This assumes that each list is composed of first an original,
then a bunch of alternatives to the original. The alternatives
generated are then each a list of one item from each of the
original lists, where one of them is an alternative, and the
rest are originals."
(apply append
(let loop ([alts (car x)] [rest (cdr x)]
[prefix '()] [output '()])
(let ([revprefix (reverse prefix)] [restcar (map car rest)])
(let ([ans (for/list ([alt (cdr alts)])
(cons (append revprefix (cons (car alt) restcar)) (cdr alt)))])
(if (null? rest)
(cons ans output)
(loop (car rest) (cdr rest)
(cons (car alts) prefix)
(cons ans output))))))))
;;Now, recursively rewrite
(cdr (recursively-apply->list (curry rewrite-expression vars) expr)))
;; We want to weigh our heuristic search by the program cost.
;; Simplest would be to simply compute the size of the tree as a
;; whole. but this is inaccurate if the program has many common
@@ -378,7 +468,8 @@
;; To use this heuristic search mechanism, we'll need to implement a
;; few helper functions
(struct alternative (program errors cost) #:transparent)
(struct alternative (program errors cost changes) #:transparent)
(struct change (location rewrite-rule) #:transparent)
(define (alternative<>? alt1 alt2)
"Compare two alternatives.
@@ -412,29 +503,38 @@
"Brute-force search for a better version of `prog`,
giving up after `iters` iterations without progress"
(define (make-alternative prog)
(alternative prog (errors prog points exacts) (program-cost prog)))
(define (generate-alternatives prog)
(let ([body (program-body prog)]
[vars (program-variables prog)])
(map make-alternative
(map (λ (body*) `(λ ,vars ,body*))
(define (make-alternative prog change parent)
(alternative prog (errors prog points exacts) (program-cost prog) (cons change (alternative-changes parent))))
(define (init-alternative prog)
"Create the initial alternative that doesn't have a parent"
(alternative prog (errors prog points exacts) (program-cost prog) '()))
(define (generate-alternatives alternative)
(let ([body (program-body (alternative-program alternative))]
[vars (program-variables (alternative-program alternative))])
(map (λ (prog-change) (make-alternative (car prog-change) (cdr prog-change) alternative))
(map (λ (body*-change) `((λ ,vars ,(car body*-change)) . ,(cdr body*-change)))
(rewrite-tree vars body))))))
(rewrite-tree-changes vars body)
(define (step options done)
(define (duplicate? alt)
(or (member alt options) (member alt done)))
(or (memf (λ (option) (equal? (program-body (alternative-program alt))
(program-body (alternative-program option))))
(memf (λ (done-item) (equal? (program-body (alternative-program alt))
(program-body (alternative-program done-item))))
(let* ([parent (car options)]
[rest (cdr options)]
[children (generate-alternatives (alternative-program parent))])
[children (generate-alternatives parent)])
(sort (append rest (filter (negate duplicate?) children)) alternative<?)
(cons parent done))))
(let loop ([options (list (make-alternative prog))]
(let loop ([options (list (init-alternative prog))]
[done '()])
(if (or (null? options)
(>= (length done) iters))
@@ -542,7 +642,7 @@
(define (make-alternative prog)
(let ([errs (errors prog points exacts)])
(alternative prog errs (program-cost prog))))
(alternative prog errs (program-cost prog) '())))
(define start-prog (make-alternative prog))

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