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I realized I didn't have a good way of measuring start error and end
error, so I removed them and now just show the improvement score.
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HazardousPeach committed Mar 25, 2014
1 parent 75b6546 commit 9de5f6a8c3ad1b518e5872f342c88b95837cdeda
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  1. +5 −5 casio/make-report.rkt
@@ -12,16 +12,16 @@
(define (table-row test)
(let-values ([(end start) (improve (make-prog test) (*num-iterations*))])
(let ([start-score (errors-score (alt-errors start))]
[end-score (errors-score (alt-errors end))]
[diff-score (errors-diff-score (alt-errors start) (alt-errors end))])
(list (test-name test) start-score end-score diff-score))))
(let ([start-errors (alt-errors start)]
[end-errors (alt-errors end)])
(let ([diff-score (errors-diff-score start-errors end-errors)])
(list (test-name test) diff-score)))))
(define univariate-tests
(filter (λ (test) (= 1 (length (test-vars test))))
(define table-labels '("Test Name" "Errors Before Improvement" "Errors After Improvement" "Total Error Improvement"))
(define table-labels '("Test Name" "Error Improvement"))
(define (get-table-data)
(cons table-labels

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