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First-pass at synthesis code.

+ Finds the better version of our one test program.
+ Needs more rules
+ Code is very ugly
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pavpanchekha committed Oct 27, 2013
1 parent 7c2844a commit eb8da28b3e627ed2047d460377da68071761c9fc
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105 casio.rkt
@@ -4,16 +4,107 @@
(require racket/flonum)
(define prog1 '(/ (- (exp x) 1.0d0) x))
(define prog2 '(/ (- (exp x) 1.0d0) (log (exp x))))
(define (error/one var prog val)
(let* [(fn (eval `(lambda (,var) ,prog)))
(double-val (fn (real->double-flonum val)))
(single-val (fn (real->single-flonum val)))]
(flabs (fl/ (fl- double-val single-val) double-val))))
(define (eval-double var prog val)
(let ([fn (eval `(lambda (,var) ,prog))])
(fn (real->double-flonum val))))
(define (eval-single var prog val)
(let ([fn (eval `(lambda (,var) ,prog))])
(fn (real->single-flonum val))))
(define (error/one var prog val exact)
(flabs (fl/ (fl- exact (eval-single var prog val)) exact)))
(define (random-flonum)
(expt 2 (- (* 253 (random)) 126)))
(define (error var prog)
(define (max-error var prog pts exacts)
(apply max
(filter (lambda (x) (not (or (infinite? x) (nan? x))))
(build-list 100 (lambda (x) (error/one var prog (random-flonum))))))
(map (lambda (x exact) (error/one var prog x exact)) pts exacts))))
(define (map-unmap-through fn lst)
(let loop ([start '()] [end lst] [out '()])
[(null? end) out]
[(not (list? end)) (list end)]
(let ([focus (car end)]
[end (cdr end)])
(cons focus start)
(map (lambda (x) (append (reverse start) (cons x end)))
(fn focus))
(define-syntax recursive-match
(lambda (stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ value [pattern expansion] ...)
[(matcher (lambda (x)
(match x
[pattern (list expansion)] [_ '()]) ...)))
(walker (lambda (x)
(matcher x)
(walker value))])))
(define (alternatives var expr)
(recursive-match expr
;[`(list - ,x ,x) 0]
;[`(+ ,a (+ ,b ,c)) `(+ (+ ,a ,b) ,c)]
[(or (? (lambda (x) (eq? x var)) x) (? list? x)) `(exp (log ,x))]
[(or (? (lambda (x) (eq? x var)) x) (? list? x)) `(log (exp ,x))]))
;[`(/ (+ ,x (sqrt ,y)) ,c) `(/ (- (expt ,x 2) ,y) (* ,c (- ,x (sqrt ,y))))]))
(define (merge-lists a b)
"Merge two sorted lists a and b into one sorted list, sorting by cdr"
(let loop ([a a] [b b] [res '()])
[(null? a) (append (reverse res) b)]
[(null? b) (append (reverse res) a)]
[(equal? (car a) (car b))
(loop (cdr a) (cdr b) (cons (car a) res))]
[(< (cdar a) (cdar b))
(loop (cdr a) b (cons (car a) res))]
[(>= (cdar a) (cdar b))
(loop a (cdr b) (cons (car b) res))])))
(define (heuristic-search var start generate evaluate iterations)
(let [(options (list (cons start (evaluate var start))))
(done '())
(step (lambda (options done)
(if (null? options)
(values options done)
; We generate alternatives from "parent" and then annotate each with its value
(let ([parent (caar options)])
(cdr options)
(map (lambda (child) (cons child (evaluate var child)))
(generate var parent))
(lambda (x y) (< (cdr x) (cdr y)))))
(cons (car options) done))))))]
(let loop ([options options] [done done])
(if (or (null? options) (>= (length done) iterations))
(values options done)
(lambda () (step options done))
(define (heuristic-improve var prog iterations)
(let* ([pts (build-list 100 (lambda (x) (random-flonum)))]
[exacts (map (lambda (x) (eval-double var prog x)) pts)])
(heuristic-search var prog alternatives
(lambda (var prog) (max-error var prog pts exacts))

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