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Gallina frontend for CompCert. Uses Coq 8.5

Current Build Status

Build Status


The Œuf compiler is in src/. For each IR "Foo" listed in the report, the semantics are defined in Foo.v, and the compiler to Foo from the previous IR is in either FooComp.v (for IRs up to Flattened) or Bartofoo.v (for the rest).

There is a Coq plugin in plugin/src/oeuf_plugin.ml4 exposed to Coq via plugin/theories/OeufPlugin.v. The plugin adds a vernacular command Oeuf Eval <reduce-cmd> Then Write To File <filename> <gallina-expr-of-type-string> which evaluates a Gallina expression to a Coq string, converts it to an OCaml string, and writes to the given file. This plugin is installed during normal compilation of Œuf.

Build Instructions

From the top level:

  $ make compcert
  $ ./configure
  $ make

If you're installing fresh, make sure to also make plugin now, then make again.

This will build the CompCert dependencies (make compcert), configure and build the Œuf proof (make proof), build the extracted OCaml into a driver (make driver), build the plugin (make plugin), and run the test suite (make test).

Note that the second step (make proof), will try to configure your repo and ensure all necessary dependencies are present. If they are not, you may want to try just running the ./configure script directly so you can see what its unhappy about. You should fix your setup and install the necessary dependencies until it stops complaining. Once it's happy, you should be able to just run make to continue where you left off.

The following dependencies are currently required

For each dependency you will need to clone it and then follow its build instructions in the contained README (roughly ./configure && make in each).

By default, the ./configure script expects each of these dependencies to be built in sibling directories of this repository. If this is not the case, you will need to edit ./configure to set the environment variables StructTact_PATH and PrettyParsing_PATH to the correct paths.

To make it easy to step through files in the compcert subdirectory, it is also recommended that you create a _CoqProject file there as well:

  $ cd compcert
  $ make print-includes > _CoqProject

Any files you open in emacs from the compcert subdirectory should now work.

Œuf Workflow

  • Build Œuf, get out executable OeufDriver.native.
  • Remember where Œuf directory is located, call that $DIR
  • Write a Gallina function foo.
  • Rewrite your Gallina function to use eliminators instead of pattern matching or recursion foo'.
  • Prove that foo is equivalent to foo'.
  • Use the reflection commands to construct a deeply embedded representation of this expression foo_cu. For example: Oeuf Reflect foo As foo_cu.
  • Check that each reflection is correct by proving it denotes to the original program with reflexivity.
  • Extract the reflection Oeuf Eval compute Then Write To File "foo.oeuf" (Pretty.compilation_unit.print foo_cu). This generates file foo.oeuf.
  • Write a shim for your code, call it foo_shim.c.
  • Compile to assembly with ./OeufDriver.native foo.oeuf foo_shim.c -o foo -I $DIR -stdlib $DIR/compcert/runtime
  • The generated executable is foo.