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UXCore is a set of React Components that is designed for enterprise-class pc backend application.

  • Rich library: more than 35 React Components available with high quality design.

  • Focus on backend App: Powerful but easy-to-use Form and Table.

  • Customizable theme: theme can be customized easily.

Check out our documentation site for live examples.

Learn how to use Uxcore in your project.

Before posting an issue, please read the CHANGELOG and the README and the documentation to check the recently updated.


The fastest way to get started is to serve JavaScript from the CDN

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="//g.alicdn.com/??platform/common/s/1.1/global/global.css,uxcore/uxcore-kuma/2.0.19/orange.min.css">
<script src="//g.alicdn.com/uxcore/uxcore/0.1.9/uxcore.min.js">

if you'd like to use npm

npm install uxcore


For cdn

const {Button} = Uxcore;
ReactDOM.render(<Button />, mountNode);

For npm

import {Button} from 'uxcore';
// or
import Button from 'uxcore/lib/Button';
ReactDOM.render(<Button />, mountNode);

And import style mannally

@import '~uxcore/assets/iconfont.css';
@import '~uxcore/assets/orange.css';

import component as required

Install the component

npm install uxcore-button kuma-base
import Button from 'uxcore-button';

And import style in your less file

@import '~kuma-base/theme/blue.less'; // or orange.less global variables which components need
@import '~kuma-base/core.less'; // base element style and reset
@import '~uxcore-button/src/Button.less'; // component style

Browser Support

Mainstream browsers and Internet Explorer 8+. For IE 8, see react-ie8 to get support.


We have implemented two default themes(orange/blue) to render UXCore Components. Theme customization is simple using our online design tools.


Yes please! See the CONTRIBUTING for details.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license