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  • [CascadeSelect]: NEW prop onSelect

  • [Title]: CHANGED support new prop noDecoration

  • [Tree]: CHNAGED update tree css

  • [General]: add CONST, FormField

  • [Menu]: BREAKING CHANGED upgrade rc-menu to ^6.0.0 , new menu will render its submenu into document.body which may affect some user-defined css.

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  • [Form] CHANGED adjust textarea min-height
  • [Select] CHANGED optimize select-value paddingRight, use large one only when allowClear is true
  • [Message] FIXED content can be a React.Element.
  • [MultiSelect] CHANGED keep selection order.
  • [Popover] CHANGED arrow position imporvement
  • [Popover] CHANGED update rc-tooltip to ^3.0.0
  • [Switch] CHANGED support new prop loading
  • [Table] FIXED hide content bottom border line when there is no data
  • [Table] FIXED missing POST fetch method
  • [Table] FIXED left fixed table can not match the height with the mainTable, when table is multiline.
  • [Table] FIXED when table is resized & mulitiline, fixed table's height can not match.
  • [Table] FIXED unexpected space between body and header
  • [Table] CHANGED column.width support percentage
  • [Table] CHANGED add new prop showUnknownTotalPager
  • [Table] CHANGED adjust column picker style
  • [Table] NEW support new prop onColumnPick
  • [Transfer] FIXED fix color to comply with design rules.
  • [Style] NEW add danger button
  • [Style] NEW add new function color
  • [Style] CHANHED new color generation rule
  • [Button] NEW add new prop danger
  • [Button] Deprecated Button.ButtonGroup
  • [Album] CHANHED increase album-overlay z-index to 1000 which is equal to dialog's
  • [CascadeMultiSelect] NEW: isCleanDisabledLabel prop
  • [Dialog] FIXED iusse #28 #20 icon can be changed
  • [Dialog] NEW iusse #27 support className
  • [Dialog] CHANGED iusse #24 use padding instead of margin to position title
  • [Form] NEW add new API doValidateAndScroll
  • [Formatter] FIXED will return 1970-01-01
  • [Step] FIXED set title attribute while the type is string, not jsx, see #17
  • [Tabs] FIXED wrong open type split-line color
  • [Tooltip] NEW dark background tooltip
  • [Transfer] CHANGED add disabled option to transfer item
  • [TreeSelect] CHANGED rc-tree-select@1.12.0, change extend-style to usage-style.
  • [Component] Rate: FIXED Rate is not exported.
  • [General] fit React@15.x: Switch/Form
  • [Component] Calendar: CHNAGED update rc-time-picker to ~2.4.0
  • [Component] Calendar: CHNAGED update rc-calendar to ~8.4.0
  • [Component] Calendar: CHANGED support new prop onOpenChange
  • [Component] Calendar: FIXED timepicker style bug when calendar is shown around the border of the container.
  • [Component] CascadeSelect: NEW: new prop isMustSelectLeaf
  • [Component] CheckboxGroup: FIXED Item props disabled should not work when it is undefined
  • [Component] Steps: NEW icon prop for Step support uxcore-icon
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED style bug for upload failed text
  • [Component] Uploader: CHANGED allow downloadUrl & previewUrl to be an empty string to hidd the corresponding button.
  • [Component] Form: NEW auto adjust field's margin between view mode & edit mode
  • [Component] Form: CHANGED adjust safe distance between two fields in a row.
  • [Component] Form: CHANGED adjust field's margin for different size


  • [Component] Form: NEW new field prop inputBoxMaxWidth to define a max width for field input box in a very wide page. to support this feature, you must use both js and css in 0.17.0 version.
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  • [General] fit React@15.x
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: NEW: keyCouldDuplicated prop
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: FIXED: remove Clear Button when all items are disabled
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: NEW: display all selection levels when use the independent Panel.
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: NEW: add a new attribute "disabled" to item of options array to enable/disable checkbox.
  • [Component] FloatNav: NEW new style
  • [Component] FloatNav: CHANGED support more navItem nesting levels
  • [Component] Form: CHANGD Cascade pass all Select prop
  • [Component] Menu: BREAKING CHANGED onOpen & onClose is replaced with onOpenChange
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  • [Component] Album: NEW add new prop customButtons
  • [Component] Album: FIXED rgbaDetect bug if no script label exists
  • [Component] Calendar: CHANGED support new prop size
  • [Component] CascadeSelect: CHANGED support new prop size
  • [Component] CheckboxGroup: CHANGED add new prop addon
  • [Component] Form: CHANGED support new prop verticalAlign
  • [Component] Form: FIXED title's height after a formfield is wrong.
  • [Component] Message: CHANGED a counter of instance. the container will be removed if this counter is equal to 0.
  • [Component] Pagination: CHANGED improve style when total count is large
  • [Component] Select: NEW add new prop size
  • [Component] Select: FIXED placeholder overflow
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED shown photo index is always 0
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED more robust getUrl
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED compatible with access to the previewUrl and downloadUrl
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED default image can't preview
  • [Component] Uploader: CHANGED add album show image if only image
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED only select cell text when the cell is double clicked
  • [Style] FIXED set input placeholder color important to prevent being overrided in IE10/11
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  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: CHANGED: add readOnly prop
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: CHANGED: add beforeRender prop
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: CHANGED: pass cascade selected data to onSelect & onOk
  • [Component] Matrix: CHANGED new style
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED style adjustment
  • [Component] Collapse: CHANGED add animation while toggling a panel component
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED more robust checkBodyHScroll
  • [Component] Table: FIXED more reliable check logic
  • [Component] Uploader: CHANGED new style
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED true percentage
  • [Component] Uploader: NEW add readOnly prop
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: FIXED: dynamic options fail to be re-rendered.
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: CHANGED: the third param of prop onItemClick is the all-selected data.
  • [Component] Form: CHANGED use uxcore-title instead of old FormRowTitle
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED hide pager if totalCount is lower than pageSize and sizeChanger is hiden.
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED update CellField to ^0.2.0, support errMsg
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED collapsed Button style adjustment
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED add a new theme type ghost for the nested table.
  • [Component] Table: FIXED group table column picker bug when toggle an item's visibility in common group.
  • [Component] Table: FIXED group fixed table border bug
  • [Component] Table: FIXED fixed table height React warning
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED use popover instead of column picker dropdown
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED new column picker trigger icon
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED style: mask color & fixed table box-shadow
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED add animation when toggling sub component
  • [Component] Tree: CHANGED add animation
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  • [Component] Calendar: CHANGED support new props yearSelectOffset & yearSelectTotal
  • [Component] Mention: CHANGED support multiple mention
  • [Component] Popover: CHANGED support new prop align
  • [Component] Select: CHANGED hide combobox arrow
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED hide vertical scrollBar if body can not scroll vertically.
  • [Component] Table: NEW support a new type split-line.
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED Fix image uploader filename overflow styles
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED Add filename title attribute
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  • [Style] FIXED button font-size & padding
  • [Component] MultiSelect: FIXED button style bug
  • [Component] PickableFormField: CHANGED update formfield version
  • [Component] Steps: FIXED style fix for long step title
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED resetRow & resetAllRow will do validate
  • [Component] Table: FIXED fixed Row height not equal to main table if multiline row mode is on
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  • [Component] Table: FIXED checkBodyHScroll may throw error if rightFixedTable is not defined
  • [Component] Table: FIXED rightFixedTable position bug if table width is too large to scroll.
  • [Component] Table: FIXED action.isDisable fail to work.
  • [Component] Table: CHANGED pass rowData to action.isDisable
  • [Component] Select: CHNAGED update rc-select to ~6.8.0
  • [Style] CHANGED use non-alpha color for border-color to fix latest chrome render bug #8
  • [Style] FIXED disabled outline button color
  • [Style] CHANGED remove button margin
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  • [Component] Badge: CHANGED add displayName
  • [Component] CascadeMultiSelect: FIXED: dom-align fail to work
  • [Component] Icon: CHANGED add 9 new icons
  • [Component] Table: NEW support new prop shouldResetExpandedKeys
  • [General] FIXED server render support
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  • [Component] Menu: FIXED text overflow style
  • [Component] Table: NEW add new method viewAllRow, resetAllRow and resetAndViewAllRow.
  • [Component] Table: FIXED DateCellField icon style
  • [Component] Table: FIXED undefined bug if column is fixed in Header
  • [Component] Tag: CHANGED prop onAdd support callback to prevent input reset
  • [Component] CascadeSelect: NEW: columnWidth prop, remove dropDownWidth prop
  • [Component] Pickable: FIXED iteration bug when rootWidth is 0
  • [Component] Uploader: FIXED render an empty container if tips is empty