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Bonsai documentation
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Bonsai Documentation website repo

This repository contains documentation for the Bonsai graphics library.


  • General overview (md/html) files are placed in overview/. Do not place any JSdoc files in there.
  • Processed JSDoc files are located in _posts/processed_jsdoc (they're added there automatically by the make doc script)
  • Processed JSDoc files are located in _posts and name in the format YYYY-MM-DD-title.html (actual date is irrelevant) because we want to utilise Jekyll's blog "mode" which allows posts to have categories. And categories may be useful down the line.

How to add JSDoc files

1) Make sure you've generated the jsdoc/ directory in your bonsai repo 2) Come to the bonsai-docs (this) directory and run make JSDOC_DIR=../path/to/bonsai/jsdoc/ 3) Check _posts/processed_jsdoc -- it should now be populated.

Run the site locally

1) Install Jekyll 2) Run jekyll --auto --server and visit localhost:4000

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