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v0.3.7 / 2012-09-26
* Fix issue where click event would be fired twice on touch devices (#60)
* Change display list implementation from mixin to composition
* Make the default textOrigin in the Text class 'top'
* Cleanup KeyframeAnimation and remove setSubject(s) methods to bring inline with current Animation class
* Fix internal asset messaging so that assetData (loadData) is correctly sent to the runner (AssetLoader)
* Add missing `delay` option to KeyframeAnimation
* Fix issue where TextSpan child default strokeWidth took precedence over parent (Text instance) strokeWidth
* Add the ability to execute tests via commandline: `make test-phantom`
* Allow to pass a function within `code` in ``
* Make `player.Renderer` configurable via `player.setup()`
v0.3.6 / 2012-09-12
* Add additional container DIV in renderer to fix `getOffset` on iOS devices
* Make sure Bitmap does not ignore manually set dimensions if the source is changed
v0.3.5 / 2012-09-10
* Fixed Text and TextSpan so that they both accept non-null falsey values as text
* Fix `data:` URI parsing in AssetResource
v0.3.4 / 2012-09-04
* Remove `AssetController.preload`
The existing `preload` function is broken and not needed in Bonsai core.
* Detect UIWebView's mobile safari (`isWebkitPatternBug`).
* Fix #33 where `null` should be passed instead of `undefined`
as second parameter to `parent.insertBefore` (thx @jdalton)
* Add `diffX` and `diffY` properties to `pointerup` event object.
* Fix #36 where filters couldn't be removed (thx @qfox)
* Fix a bug where the filter-attribute wasn't removed
* Fix a bug where Bitmaps weren't updated via "source"
* Replace ES5's forEach by `tools.forEach` in Animation class.
* Remove `Animation#setSubjects` and `Animation#setSubject`
* Modify "simple" Animation example movie
* Change `Animation#play` signature (Remove parameters)
* Fix pattern (used for fill images / gradients) translation (tx/ty) values in the renderer
* Avoid adding a DisplayList to itself
v0.3.3 / 2012-08-20
* Fix pattern-image-fill for Firefox
* Fixed bug where non-function types in the animation options object were being bound
* Fix some demo movies
* Make AssetDisplayObject an inherited class, simplifying Asset class implementations
v0.3.2 / 2012-08-14
* Renamed lineColor/lineGradient/lineWidth attributes to strokeColor/strokeGradient/strokeWidth
* Introduce new BaseFilter API `innerShadowByAngle` and `innerShadowByOffset`.
* Fix a bug where SVG Filters are applied in wrong order.
* Fix a bug where SVG Filter's region was too big.
* Make use of SVG's feDropShadow Filter when supported by user-agent.
v0.3.1 / 2012-08-01
* Make the search for the runner url more flexible, also check for version number (but don't rely on it).
v0.3.0 / 2012-07-25
* Introduce classes for all shape types: Polygon, Ellipse, Circle, Rect, Star, Arc
* Renamed `Shape` to `Path`
v0.2.1 / 2012-07-20
* Aligned callback usage to use node-style single-callbacks. See
* Added an option to that allows browser events not to be preventDefault’ed:
`, {allowEventDefaults: true})`
v0.2.0 / 2012-07-09
* initial public release
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