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Removes transform for the identity matrix and pointer-events for the default of inherit. Maybe more props can be prevented but I think some are used elsewhere.


I have no idea what this attribute is good for. There is no text attribute in svg. Ideas @basecode @padolsey?

uxebu member

As far as I can see it sets an attribute on <tspan>s, but there’s no point in that

uxebu member

No idea.

@davidaurelio davidaurelio merged commit b3da285 into master Dec 7, 2012
@basecode basecode commented on the diff Dec 7, 2012
@@ -20,6 +20,22 @@ define([
// targets webkit based browsers from version 530.0 to 534.4
var isWebkitPatternBug = /AppleWebKit\/53([0-3]|4.([0-4]))/.test(navigator.appVersion);
+ /**
+ * Sets a style property on a style object. Avoids unnecessary creation of
+ * style attributes in the DOM, to ease debugging.
+ *
+ * @param {CSSStyleDeclaration} style The style object to set the property on
+ * @param {string} name The name of the property to set
+ * @param {string} value The value of the property to set.
+ */
+ function setStyle(style, name, value) {
basecode Dec 7, 2012 uxebu member

Is closured. How are you going to test that function?

davidaurelio Dec 7, 2012 uxebu member

I’m not. It uses 3rd-Party API and is part of the implementation, not the public interface

basecode Dec 7, 2012 uxebu member

Yep, you're right!

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