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octobertest lets you convert between different test result formats.

The current main focus is to convert a custom JSON-representable format into JUnit.xml for jenkins.


octobertest -i json -o xml foo.json bar.xml

Formats will be guessed from file extensions, so this will also work:

octobertest foo.json bar.xml

Example conversion

This JSON:

{ "suites":
      "name": "foo",
      "tests": [
          "name": "Foo should bar the baz",
          "passed": false,
          "expected": 1337,
          "actual": 1338,
          "error": "Expected 1337 to be 1338",
          "stacktrace": "foo()\nbar()\nbaz()\n"

would result in the following JUnit XML output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><testsuites><testsuite name="foo"><testcase name="Foo should bar the baz"><failure message="Expected 1337 to be 1338">foo()

JSON format

The JSON format is very alpha and hasn't been battle tested yet. It is contrived to having test suites with test cases. Ideally it should also just accept a simple list of tests and derive the suite name from the file name.