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@uxmal uxmal released this Mar 17, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

It's been a long time since the last release, but a lot has been happening in Reko-land. This release contains:

  • Support for PIC16 and PIC18 architectures (with thanks to @chostelet)
  • Much better support for Intel HEX files (with thanks to @chostelet)
  • Moved to C# 7.2, .NET Framework 4.7, and NUnit 3.0 (with thanks to @chostelet)
  • Improvements in indirect call handling (with thanks to @ptomin)
  • Support for adding persistent user annotations / comments (with thanks to @ptomin)
  • Backward propagation of stack pointer from procedure end recovers more frame-based variables (with thanks to @ptomin)
  • C parser improvements (with thanks to @ptomin)
  • Improvements in MacOS classic binaries (with thanks to @gbody)
  • Handled compressed A5World segments in MacOS classic binaries (with thanks to @gbody)
  • Refactored Reko.Gui.dll to remove Windows Forms dependencies in preparation for GUI front end independence (with thanks to @smx-smx)
  • Xbox 360 XEX Loader (with thanks to @smx-smx)
  • PowerPC VMX instructions (with thanks to @smx-smx)
  • Improvements in X86 disassembler robustness (with thanks to @smx-smx)
  • Generation of for-loops from while- and do-loops (with thanks to @rfalke)
  • Initial support for ARM AArch64, IBM zSeries, Intel 8051, Motorola 6800, MSP 430, Risc-V, SuperH, TMS 7000, and XTensa architectures.
  • Support for the PowerPC 750 instruction set.
  • Improved disassembler performance about 20% across all architectures.
  • Improvements in shingled scanner heuristic, reducing false positives.
  • Much better support for indirect jump / call target resolution.
  • Improved handling of ELF PLT entries.
  • Fusion of MIPS-style unaligned loads and stores.
  • support for 16- 80- and 128-bit IEEE 754 floating point numbers.
  • Moved from Rhino.Mocks to Moq mock framework.
  • Support for more than one architecture per decompiled binary.
  • Support for platform-specific memory maps.
  • Memory visualizer control shows heat maps of binaries.
  • Command line switch --scan-only.
  • Added NamingPolicy classes to abstract automatic naming of variables, procedures, and types.
  • Lots and lots of small bug fixes.

Thanks to @gbody, @wdigger, @wesinator, @wildptr for their contributions. Special thanks to @chostelet, @ptomin and @smx-smx for their code, time, and dedication.

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@uxmal uxmal released this Mar 10, 2018 · 1705 commits to master since this release

Release notes:

The major feature in this release are the changes to Reko to support the use
of native code disassemblers, and potentially any other low-level libraries
that may prove beneficial such as symbol parsers and code emulators. The
Reko build system was modified to allow the compilation of C++ code that interfaces
between low-level libraries and the other, managed parts of Reko. The immediate
benefits of these changes are the much improved support for the ARM processor
architecture and (finally) the possibility of running Reko in 64-bit mode.

This is the first release where a 64-bit MSI installer is available for Windows
users. Non-Windows users can now choose whether to build a 32- or a 64-bit version
of Reko. With the expanded address space, the 64-bit version will be able to handle
larger binaries than the 32-bit version.

Another area of large improvements is the generation of structured C code. Reko's high-level
output is now much improved.

Some other changes of note:

  • Improved TRAP and A-line instruction support for MacOS Classic.
  • General improvements for MacOS classic and M68k support.
  • Impelemented a Pascal parser to handle MacOS MPW header files.
  • Improved support for Intel HEX files.
  • Support for DEC Alpha and AVR8 architectures.
  • Support for many more x86 SSE instructions, initial support for AVX instruction types.
  • Finally merged PR from @Lukas-Dresel to improve support for MIPS-64.
  • Parallelized regression suite script across processes; this sped up the output by a factor of 5.
  • Support for Borland symbol information.
  • Moved project to C# 7 and .NET framework 4.7.
  • Fixed bugs in the Type inference affecting recursively defined types.

Thanks to @dmakarov, @Lukas-Dresel, @Kalmalyzer, @VladRassokhin, @gbody, @chostelet
for their contributions. Special thanks to @ptomin and @smx-smx for their code, time, and devotion.

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@uxmal uxmal released this Oct 24, 2017 · 2439 commits to master since this release

Another bug release and courtesy build to users unable to build their own binaries.

  • Refactored the CallingConvention classes
  • Improvements to code structuring (thanks to @ptomin)
  • Handle 68k PE executables (yes, really!) (thanks to @smx-smx)
  • Improved MIPS code rewriting, with focus on LWL/LWR, SWL/SWL instructions
  • Added Appveyor as a CI provider
  • Impovements in the Reko build process
  • Bugfixes

Thanks to @ptomin , @smx-smx , and @rogersachan for their contributions.

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@uxmal uxmal released this Aug 11, 2017 · 2623 commits to master since this release

This is mostly a bugfix release and a courtesy builds to users unable to build their own binaries.

  • Added partial support for Atari-TOS binaries
  • X86-64 ELF support for locating 'main' program.
  • Replaced Win32-specific code in OllyDbg script handler
  • Added --time-limit command-line switch to force termination after a certain time interval
  • More x86 and M68k instruction rewriters
  • Handle MIPS SWL/SWR and LWL/LWR instruction pairs
  • Support for displaying absolute address when PC-relative addressing expressions are encountered
  • Support for Borland C++ mangled identifiers
  • Improved NE EXE image loader

Thanks to @ptomin and @smx-smx for their contributions, and @rfalke for reporting issues found in testing.

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@uxmal uxmal released this May 31, 2017 · 2762 commits to master since this release

The big feature of this release is the adaptation and implementation of the shingled disassembler and procedure detection algorithms described in the papers "Shingled Graph Disassembly: Finding the Undecidable Path" by Richard Wartell, Yan Zhou, Kevin W.Hamlen, and Murat Kantarcioglu ( and "Compiler-Agnostic Function Detection in Binaries", by Dennis Andriesse, Asia Slowinska, Herbert Bos ( A clone of the source code from the latter is located here:

These optional analyses vastly improve Reko's discovery of executable code, at the cost of increased memory and time consumption. Because of the cost, they must be explicitly requested. In the GUI client, this is done by right-clicking on a loaded program node, selecting the Properties menu item, switching to the Scanning tab and selecting "Shingled scanning". From the command line, the following incantation will do the job:

    decompile --heuristic shingle binary.exe

Some other goodies are also part of this release:

  • Added support for the Super-H, TLCS-90, and TLCS-900 processor architectures.
  • Added support for the SEGA DreamCast, and NeoGeo platforms
  • Added a front end that can load LLVM .ll files and transpile them into Reko IR. Special thanks for @mewmew for his assistance
  • Added an Intel HEX file front end.
  • The usual large number of bug fixes

Thanks to @ptomin, @Kalmalyzer, and @smx-smx for their contributions.

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@uxmal uxmal released this Jan 12, 2017 · 3384 commits to master since this release

Mostly consisting of bugfixes and stability improvements.

  • Function previewer in the mixed-asm-data window:
  • Added support for Wii and RT-11 platforms
  • Added support for RT-11 LDA and SAV files, and Nintendo DOL files.
  • Add support for custom loader. Users can provide their own front-ends to Reko.
  • Support for parsing GCC symbols
  • Added support for Atmel AVR8, Risc-V, and Xtensa AVR8 processor architectures
  • Added [[reko::arg(fpu)]] C++-style attribute
  • #213: more work on the jump table dialog

Thanks to @ptomin, @a2intl, @Lukas-Dresel, @MeFisto94, @rogersachan, and @smx-smx for their contributions

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@uxmal uxmal released this Aug 24, 2016 · 3815 commits to master since this release

This minor release focuses on stabilization, but a few major features have made it as well:

  • Implemented a general varargs processing mechanism, and specific instances for standard C printf and scanf function families, as well as the Py_BuildValue function from the Python runtime.
  • Early support for dealing with indirect function calls.
  • Improved ELF support for x86, x86-64, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, and Sparc
  • Improved PE support for x86, x86-64, MIPS, and ARM
  • Added support for lifting more instructions in x86, M68k, VAX, Sparc, MIPS, Z80 architectures.
  • Beginning support for signature libraries.
  • The cancel button actually works now!
  • Support for "No decompile"
  • General bugfixes

Special thanks to @ptomin, @nemerle, @mewmew, @xor2003, @Lukas-Dresel for their contibutions.

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@uxmal uxmal released this Apr 19, 2016 · 4341 commits to master since this release

At last, a new major release! Большое спасибо to @ptomin, who put in an amazing amount of effort to bring you:

  • Combined code and low-level viewer, to allow users to compare Reko's output with the original binary.
  • Improvements in user-specified data types

In the eye candy department:

  • A graph viewer, to help users to visualize procedure call graph (thanks to @halsten for the suggestion)
  • Image map view shows an overview of the image bytes as pixels
  • Allow user to specify the encoding used for text when displaying character data

And the nuts and bolts work:

  • New reko configuration and project file formats
  • More MIPS instructions supported
  • SPARC support greatly expanded
  • Added initial support for DEC VAX processor architecture
  • Support for SEGA Genesis platform added
  • Much better support for ELF binaries, both executables and relocatable object files
  • Refactored central ImageMap class to support binaries with large address space "gaps"

Because of the major changes that have taken place, it's likely that Reko may be unstable after all the major surgery. If you encounter any issues while running Reko, please report them in the issue tracker.


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@uxmal uxmal released this Jan 8, 2016 · 4943 commits to master since this release

A belated Christmas present! With a shout out to @ptomin and @nemerle, with gratitude for their contributions.

  • Shingled disassembler implementation, in preparation for heuristic discovery of code.
  • Support for WinCE / MIPS
  • Improved data type inference
  • New project file format supports saving of more user options.
  • Better support for MonoDevelop
  • Many many small bugfixes
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@uxmal uxmal released this Oct 30, 2015 · 5153 commits to master since this release

  • Support for renaming decompiled procedures and changing their signatures.
    Changing signatures will affect following decompilation stages, as
  • Support for the Windows - OS/2 New Executable format (NE EXE)
  • Implemented continuous integration using Travis CI
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