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This is a list of features or work items for the Reko decompiler. The tasks are divided into categories

  • Short term work items: these are being worked on right now.
  • Medium term work items: items that developers can start working on
  • Long term work items: items that are not high priority right now, but may be later.

The reko codebase is also generously scattered with //$REVIEW and //$TODO comments, where improvements need to be done but haven't received a format work item yet.

Short term work items

  • AmigaOS platform designer user interface [@nemerle]

Medium term work items

  • Rewrite SSA to use the new algorithm that doesn't require calculating the dominator tree and incorporate aliased register analysis [@uxmal - analysis-development branch
  • Use SSA to discover the ''MODIFIES'' set of trashed registers for each procedure.
  • Fix the TypedExpressionRewriter to handle arrays of segmented pointers.
  • Finish the implementation of heuristic scanning. This involves
  • incorporating the results of heuristic scanning into the main scanner
  • indicating speculatively scanned blocks and data in the image map viewer
  • provide user control over what speculative blocks should be considered correct
  • Make the Scanner smarter about propagating values when it is discovering code. In particular, if constants are propagated into a procedure parameter whose signature is (ptr code) or (ptr (function ...)), it should realize the constant is a pointer to executable code, and add that pointer to its scanning queue.

Less central, but nice to have items

  • Make the resource editor better so Menus and Dialog resources can be viewed in a reasonable way
  • Make the resource editor support other resource formats than Win16 (MacOS classic and Win32 would be the first ones on this list) - #64

Long term work items

  • Moar processors architectures, moar platforms!
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