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The Collaborative UX Glossary

A collaborative and comprehensive glossary of user experience terms and jargon. Supported by the Open Design School ( and UX Mastery (

##Goals & Scope

Hello there! This project aims to collate a comprehensive glossary of user experience terms, jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. It exists as a reference for people studying and working in UX.

We welcome contributions from anyone practicing in the UX field, with any level of experience, from anywhere is the world.

The terms need not be UX-specific, but should be used largely within the user experience community.

##Contributing to the glossary

We'd love to include your definitions in the glossary. If you see something we don't have yet, please share it with us.

####Style Definitions should be written from a neutral, non-partisan point of view, and should, where possible, avoid using jargon themselves. Bonus points if you can include a link to additional resources.

####Adding or modifying a term To add or modify a term:

  1. Navigate to the glossary file, i.e.
  2. Click 'Edit'
  3. Add the new term where appropriate alphabetically
  4. Make sure you include a link in the index too
  5. Click "Propose change"

This will create a pull request, to which you will be automatically subscribed, and allow the community to weigh on on the merits of your proposed addition and consider it for inclusion in the glossary.

####Suggest changes To suggest a term, review the existing issues, and if not already listed, create a new one.

Even better, if you have a starting point for a definition you'd like to propose, consider adding the term yourself, as described above

####Create a translation Translations of this content are welcomed and encouraged. To begin, create a copy of the glossary file and append an underscore and the appropriate ISO 639-1 language code to the filename. i.e. for a Ukrainian translation.

##Licence The Collaborative UX Glossary is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) By contributing to The Collaborative UX Glossary, you license your contribution under the same terms with which the project is distributed.

##Contact If you get stuck or have questions, please contact


A collaborative and comprehensive glossary of user experience terms and jargon.




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