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Control Pack

AutoSneak/Run, AutoTool, SmartFurnace, LookBehind and lots more!

"Your mod is like putting on an old jacket and finding 50 bucks." - the_f0dder

"I want to give birth to this mods' babies." - eastwood6510

"When minecraft updates to a new version I don't even bother installing it, until ControlPack is updated as well." - Lucid

"It's like you gave birth to the new minecraft." - .AT

Downloads of ControlPack are located at, while old versions can be found at

The source code of ControlPack is available at

The Minecraft Forums forum topic is located at

Compatibility With Other Mods

Control Pack should be compatible with any mod that is compatible with Liteloader.

Installation Instructions

Download and install Liteloader, which is located at

After you installed Liteloader, download the latest version of ControlPack at If you are not sure which files to download, simply download all of the .litemod files.

After you downloaded the correct file(s), place the file(s) you downloaded into the "mods" folder.

If your computer is running Windows, you can press the Windows key and R at the same time, then put %APPDATA%/.minecraft in the box to go right to the folder where the "mods" folder is located. If that folder does not exist, create it.

Control Pack Options Screens

You can turn all the features on and off. You can customize all the new key bindings (or even map them to a mouse button). Right click to disable one. You can control the volume level of individual sound effects (plus more in 5.4)


Auto Tool Selection

You'll wonder how you ever played Minecraft before this. With Auto Tool, just left click a block. ControlPack will automatically select the best tool for the job from your toolbar! If the item you are mining does not require a tool (like a torch), it will switch to your hand (or to a regular item if you don't have any open slots).

You can customize how the tool selection works by putting it into one of these modes, right from the included UI:

Weakest Tool (this is default value): Select the weakest tool you have that will do the job. For example: You have a wood pick and a stone pick, it will normally select the wood pick while mining stone. If you find Iron Ore, which requires at least a Stone pick, it will use the stone pick.

Strongest Tool: Always pick the fastest tool for the job, even if you have lesser tools that would work.

Leftmost: No magic, just pick the first tool on the toolbar that is appropriate for the block.

Rightmost: No magic, just pick the last tool on the toolbar that is appropriate for the block.

Quick Toggle: Of course, there may be times you want to use a particular tool. You can very easily turn auto tool on and off by hitting ALT+T.

Quick Toggle Mode: You can also quickly cycle through the possible modes using ALT+R.

While auto mining: This works even while using the toggle-mining feature. That means you can turn on toggle mining, and sit back as you automatically switch between picks and shovels as you run into dirt or gravel patches.

Breaking Tools: And, after a tool breaks, since you won't be holding a tool anymore, auto tool will automatically switch to a new tool.

Auto Sword Selection

Left click a mob, and it'll select your sword automatically! Don't have one? It will also make sure you don't have a tool selected so you don't waste a use.

You can quickly enable and disable Auto Sword with ALT+S.

If you have a mod that provides weapons other than a sword you want to auto select, you can customize which items ControlPack thinks are swords in the options screen. Just provide a comma-delimited list of the item IDs.

Auto Block Selection

What happens if you right click while holding a tool, like a pick axe? Nothing! Until now. Auto Block is like the opposite of Auto Tool. When you right click while holding a tool, ControlPack automatically switches to a placeable block or item in your toolbar, and places it!

You can customize how it decides which block to place by putting it into one of these mods, right from the included UI:

Leftmost: (the default) Uses the first placeable block or item that is on your toolbar.

Rightmost: Uses the last placable block or item that is on your toolbar.

Slot #: You can set it to a specific slot number (1 through 9). Then it will place whatever block is in that slot, if any.

Quick Toggle: You can quickly enable and disable Auto Block with ALT+B.

Example: Remember it applies to any placeable item or block, even torches. So picture this: In the first 3 slots of your inventory you have a pick, a shovel, and torches. You mine away, and Auto Tool is switching between the pick and shovel for you. Now and then, you want to place a torch. All you do is right click, and BAM, a torch is placed, then you just continue left-click mining! Can it get ANY easier? Well, there's also the 'Place Torch' key :)

With Control Pack, you'll almost never have to worry about switching between inventory items!

Hold to Attack

When this option is enabled (it is off by default), holding down the attack button will repeatedly attack mobs instead of forcing you to click over and over again. This also applies to the Toggle Mining command. When toggle mining is ON, and this option is ON, you will also auto attack any mobs you look at.

Stack Preservation

If you place the last item in a stack, and you have another stack on your toolbar, it will automatically switch to that item, so you can continue placing the block or item without having to switch to the new slot! This feature is enabled/disabled along with Auto Block.

Place Torch

Now you have a keyboard or mouse key that will always place a torch as long as you have one on your toolbar. And it switches back to what you had before right away.

If you don't have any torches, it will also place a Redstone Torch.

Eat Food

Hungry? Just press and hold the 'Eat Food' button. You'll automatically start eating whatever the first food item is on your toolbar. Release the button and you'll stop eating and automatically swap back to the previous item you were holding.

Automatic Window Restoration

ControlPack remembers the size and position of your Minecraft window and automatically restores it when the game launches (after you log into in the launcher). It will not only remember the size and position, but also the fullscreen status of the window.

Better 3rd Person View

Minecraft has three camera modes. The normal view, and two 3rd person views. The two 3rd person views let you view your character from the front or the back. But, the problem with these views is that you are ALWAYS either directly in front of or behind your head, and movement of the camera is locked to the movement of your head.

ControlPack adds another 3rd person view that separates camera control from head movement. This allows you, for example, to view your character from the side, from above, or from below. You can see yourself turn 360 degrees around as the camera stays in the same position.

You can rotate the camera up/down and left/right by holding down the middle mouse button and moving the camera freely. You can also do it with the keyboard by holding down CONTROL and then using your usual directional keys. For example, CTRL+LEFT will rotate the camera to the left.

Just keep tapping F5 to toggle through all the views as usual.

Look at the pretty clouds...

Swap Left and Swap Right

These are 'press and hold' commands meant to let you use a tool temporarily.

Perhaps you are working on a building that needs mostly stone but with some glass every now and then. Well, swap to the glass temporarily when you need it. Easy!

Another great use -- if you're mob hunting, keep some pork or whatever to the left and right of your sword. Healing up in mid-battle is much easier!

Toggle Sneak

Building something at high altitudes? Holding down shift when you're doing dangerous work can be tiring and error-prone. Now you can toggle sneak and rest assured you won't fall down.

Also -- did you know that sneaking while on a ladder will let you stick to the ladder? Holding down sneak to do that is great, but you can't do anything else without falling down. You can't chat, get up to go to the bathroom, or eat Cheez-Its®! Toggle sneak and you're good to go.

Auto Jump

For swimming, of course! Now you can actually chat without drowning! Also great if you use it in combination with Auto-Run so you can skip over small hills automatically, or swim across an ocean while taking a micro break. Stretch those muscles now and then.

Auto Run

For long distances, it makes things easier. Yes, you will have to jump a lot along the way, but hey, there's auto JUMP too! And if you combine this with Auto Jump while in the water, well, now you can swim across the ocean and chat while you're doing it.

NEW IN 5.5: If you want to auto run BACKWARDS, just use auto run while walking backward. It will continue to run backwards.

Toggle Mining

Holding down the mouse button for long mining sessions can get tiring. Auto-mine to the rescue! Just tap it, and you'll be swinging like there's no tomorrow (What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!). Auto tool will even take care of making sure you use the correct tool along the way.

If you're especially lazy, also turn on auto-run, look just a tad bit down from the center, and you'll not only auto-mine, you'll blaze a path while doing it! Afraid you might fall into a cavern? No problem, turn on toggle sneak too!

This can marathon mining sessions so much more enjoyable.

TIP: You can set your middle mouse button (the 'wheel click') to toggle mining.

Toggle Use Item

This is your right-click toggle. If you are building a lot, this might come in handy. Note that autoblock's "exhasted" feature will still kick in here. So if you're auto placing a block and your current stack runs out, it will automatically switch to a fresh stack if you have one and continue placing them.

This is great for eating a lot of melon slices when your hunger bar is nearly empty. Just tap it, and then grab a quick bite to eat yourself :)

Run Distance

Stop staring at the ground counting blocks or using F3! Just enter how many blocks you want to go, and you're off. It automatically stops after you've traveled that many blocks in any direction. Don't worry about things in your way, walk around them, jump over them, or whatever you have to do, it will still stop on the right spot, even if you have to back track or take turns.

It will stop when you are that many blocks away from where you started, in a straight line. So if you put "10" for example, imagine there is a box around your starting point that goes 10 blocks in each N, E, W, S direction. Your character will stop walking when they hit the wall of that box, at whatever point it is.

Smart Furnace Drops

You'll wonder how you ever lived without this time-saver. When in the furnace UI, you can shift-click items in your inventory to add them automatically to the furnace. Shift-click the items in the furnace and they'll return to your inventory. But there's more to it than that.

ControlPack will figure out the best thing to do with the item: x If it is a smeltable item, it puts it in the furnace queue or adds it to the existing queue. x If it is a furnace fuel (coal, etc), it puts it in the fuel slot, or adds it to the existing fuel. x When placing fuel, it knows how much is necessary to smelt all the items and only adds that many. x When placing fuel, if there is already some fuel, it adds only enough to it to be able to smelt all the items. x You can do all of this while already holding a completely different item.

What does this mean exactly? Say you have an empty furnace, 64 sand, and 64 coal. Normally, to smelt them you would have to perform a ton of mouse operations, dragging things around, right clicking a bunch of times, etc etc. It's kind of a pain.

Here's how you do it with ControlPack! 1. Shift-click the sand. 2. Shift-click the coal. 3. When it's done smelting, shift-click the glass. DONE!

Look Behind

You're down to 1 heart, and a Creeper starts charging you! What do you do? RUN!!! How do you know if the creeper is still following you? Stop and turn around? But then you risk him catching up with you!

Look behind makes your middle-mouse button to do something incredibly useful. It causes your character to turn their head 180 degrees to look behind you, while you are still running! Just hold it down to look behind you, then release to look forward again.

Don't have a middle mouse button? You can reconfigure it to any mouse or keyboard key. You can also hold down the BACK button (that is, whatever key you have mapped to be your 'move backwards' button) while holding down the forward button -- thereby pressing forward and back at the same time.

Looking behind you -- notice there's no hand or tool, and the scene is tilted a little

Toggle Full Brightness

When you use this command, your Minecraft brightness setting is set to MAX. Use the command again to automatically restore the brightness to your previous value. This is a great way of keeping the nice Moody brightness setting that Minecraft looks great in, but then easily turning it up when you're in a dark cave, so you can see without even having any torches. You get the best of both worlds!

Moody Brightness Level Full Brightness Level

Sound Effect Volume

Rain is awfully loud in Minecraft. So are pistons. And everytime you splash into some water, that splashing sound can be kind of jarring. Now you can control the volume of these sound effects, and more, independently of your main volume! You might enjoy hearing the subtle sound of rain. You can even make sounds LOUDER than normal if you want to. Make explosions LOUDER!

  • Some sounds won't get louder than they would be when your Minecraft sound setting is set to 100%. To get them louder than other sounds, lower your Minecraft volume setting but increase your system volume to compensate.
  • NEW IN 5.4: Now you can control the volume of animals, slimes, and the step and dig sounds.

Coordinates Overlay

You can display your X, Y and Z coordinates constantly so you always have an idea of where you are. Consider it a very lightweight and simple minimap. You can decided which corner of the screen to show them in: top left, top right, bottom left, or bottom right. Or you can turn them off, of course.

Note that the coordinates display in X, Z, and Y order. Y is your vertical position.


You can save up to 10 waypoints -- 5 in the Nether and 5 in the normal world. Each waypoint can optionally be displayed on your HUD, and it will show the coordinates along with an arrow that will always point in its direction. You can also provide each waypoint a name if you want. It's a dead simple way of keeping track of your favorite spots.

NEW IN 5.1: You can customize the display of the coordinates, so you can decide what order X, Y and Z are in, etc.

Say your location

Ever want to tell someone what your coordinates are, but it's almost impossible to chat and look at the F3 screen at the same time? Forget that. Just type the Say Your Locatin key (INSERT by default) while chatting, and your position will be inserted automatically for you.

NEW IN 5.1: You can customize the display of the coordinates, so you can decide what order X, Y and Z are in, etc.

Auto Corpse Waypoint

OH NOES! You were deep inside a cave... and YOU DIED, dropping all your diamonds!!

Now with ControlPack you'll find your stuff easily. A waypoint is automatically set to the location of your untimely death.

Tool Uses Counter

While holding a tool, the number of uses remaining will display where you configure it. Now you always know exactly what to expect.

Arrows Remaining Counter

While holding a bow, you'll see the total number of arrows you have in your inventory! Goes down fast, doesn't it?