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@uyjulian uyjulian released this Jun 5, 2019

  • Issues relating to path handling is fixed
  • RomFS support is added to allow building a game into a single NRO file
  • Patch set against Ren'Py has been reduced
  • Save data path is fixed to sdmc:/Ren'Py Data/
  • Logs path is fixed to sdmc:/Ren'Py Logs/
  • Python modules not needed for operation of Ren'Py are removed from the distribution

renpy-switch-the-question-v1.1.nro can be run on your Nintendo Switch for a sample visual novel entitled "The Question."
renpy-switch-sdk-v1.1.7z contains the files needed to build your own game.
Basic steps for creating a RomFS image:

  1. Place lib, renpy,, and game into the Contents subdirectory of the root of the RomFS image
  2. Use nacptool from devkitPro switch-tools package to create a NACP file with the name of the application, the author, and the version.
  3. Use elf2nro from devkitPro switch-tools package to create a NRO file with the path to the ELF file, and with the --romfsdir= argument, the path to the Contents directory (not the Contents directory itself)

If you do not want to create a RomFS image, the old way of placing lib, renpy,, and game in the same directory as renpy-switch.nro still works.

renpy-switch-extra-libraries-v1.1.7z contains extra Python standard libraries if you are using those that are not included in Ren'Py.

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