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  1. uyuni Public

    Source code for Uyuni

    Java 283 133

  2. uyuni-rfc Public

    Uyuni feature RFCs

    JavaScript 5 15

  3. uyuni-docs Public

    Uyuni documentation sources. Uyuni docs are written in Asciidoc (Asciidoctor flavor).

    SCSS 15 80

  4. retail Public

    Uyuni Retail salt formulas and related tools and documentation

    Python 2 3

  5. sumaform Public

    Terraform configuration to quickly set up SUSE Manager/Uyuni environments

    HCL 60 62

  6. XMLRPC API gateway that allows access to Uyuni Server functionality in a Server of Servers architecture (Hub)

    Go 2 5