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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
SUSE Manager custom wrapper for Salt "" state module.
This wrapper determines the syntax to use for calling the Salt "" state
that has changed between different Salt version.
Using this wrapper we ensure all SUSE Manager SLS files are using the same syntax
regardless the actual Salt version installed on the minion.
from __future__ import absolute_import
# Import salt libs
from salt.utils.odict import OrderedDict
import logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
__virtualname__ = 'mgrcompat'
def __virtual__():
This module is always enabled while '' is available.
return __virtualname__
def _tailor_kwargs_to_new_syntax(name, **kwargs):
nkwargs = {}
_opt_kwargs = None
for k, v in kwargs.items():
if k.startswith("m_"):
nkwargs[k[2:]] = v
elif k == 'kwargs':
_opt_kwargs = kwargs[k]
nkwargs[k] = v
ret = {name: [OrderedDict(nkwargs)]}
if _opt_kwargs:
return ret
def module_run(**kwargs):
This function execute the Salt "" state passing the arguments
in the right way according to the supported syntax depending on the Salt
minion version and configuration
# The new syntax will be used as the default
use_new_syntax = True
if __grains__['saltversioninfo'][0] > 3004:
# Only new syntax - default behavior for Phosphorus and future releases
elif __grains__['saltversioninfo'][0] > 2016 and '' in __opts__.get('use_superseded', []):
# New syntax - explicitely enabled via 'use_superseded' configuration on 2018.3, 2019.2, 3000.x, 3002.x, 3003.x and 3004.x
elif __grains__['saltversioninfo'][0] > 2016 and not '' in __opts__.get('use_superseded', []):
# Old syntax - default behavior for 2018.3, 2019.2, 3000.x, 3002.x, 3003.x and 3004.x
use_new_syntax = False
elif __grains__['saltversioninfo'][0] <= 2016:
# Only old syntax - the new syntax is not available for 2016.11 and 2015.8
use_new_syntax = False
if use_new_syntax:
log.debug("Minion is using the new syntax for '' state. Tailoring parameters.")
log.debug("Old parameters: {}".format(kwargs))
old_name = kwargs.pop('name')
new_kwargs = _tailor_kwargs_to_new_syntax(old_name, **kwargs)
log.debug("New parameters for '' state: {}".format(new_kwargs))
new_kwargs = kwargs
ret = __states__[''](**new_kwargs)
if use_new_syntax:
if ret['changes']:
changes = ret['changes'].pop(old_name)
ret['changes']['ret'] = changes
ret['name'] = old_name
return ret