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Uyuni Community Hours

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Uyuni Community Hours are held every last Friday of the month at 16.00 CET/CEST.

The latest developments around Uyuni are presented and the community can ask question, provide feedback, request or suggest features or enhancements, etc to the Product Owner and members of the development team.

Link to meeting in Jitsi

Invitations are sent to the announce mailing list.

Next editions

Agenda for 2024.02.23

  • Uyuni Community Hours, meeting migration recap (Raúl Osuna)
  • Uyuni 2024.02. What's new? (Raúl Osuna)
  • Containerized Uyuni: release strategy (Marina Latini)
  • Uyuni Health Check: Running on top of a "supportconfig" (Pablo Hernández)
  • One shot execution of recurring actions (Pascal Arlt)
  • Testing, building and publish the documentation with GitHub actions (Julio González)

Agenda for 2024.01.26

  • Uyuni Community Hours, migration away from Microsoft Teams (Raúl Osuna)
  • Uyuni 2024.01. What's new? (Raúl Osuna)
  • Hack Week: Bash completion for spacewalk CLI tools (Can Bayburt)
  • Minima mirror for devs: a hybrid model for limited disk space (Can Bayburt)

Agenda for 2023.12.22

  • Uyuni 2023.12. What's new? (Raúl Osuna)
  • Saline deployment and setup (Victor Zhestkov)
  • Why I was trying to kill the Salt Master (Victor Zhestkov)

Past editions

Agenda for 2023.11.24

  • Uyuni 2023.11/2023.12: What's new? (Raúl Osuna)
  • Bulk SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack migration workflow engine (Bo Jin)
  • Hack Week: New distributions fully working, and PoC for some others (Raúl Osuna and Julio González Gil)
  • Convert Enterprise Linux clones to SUSE Liberty Linux with SUSE Manager (Ricardo Mateus)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.10.27

  • Uyuni 2023.10: What's new? (Raúl)
  • Update on server container: landing in master soon (Michele)
  • Combining Event-driven Ansible and Uyuni (Christian)
  • Enhanced CVE Audit (Houssem)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.09.29

  • Uyuni 2023.09: What's new? (Marina)
  • SUSE planned contributions to Uyuni Roadmap (Miguel)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.07.28

  • GSoC 2023: Consuming Oval data to enhance CVE Audit (Houssem)
  • Enhancing Open Source: A Guide to Contributing to Uyuni Documentation (Joseph)
  • Uyuni frontend development quick start guide (Karl)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.06.30

  • Uyuni project: a status update (Marina)
  • GSoC 2023: Accessibility improvements for Uyuni (Rachael)
  • New way of writing changelogs for developers (Can)
  • Uyuni containerization administration tool (Michele)
  • Upgrading podman-containerized Uyuni Servers (Donald)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.05.26

  • Uyuni 2023.06: What will be new? (Marina)
  • Recurrent states (Pascal)
  • Uyuni at openSUSE Conference and SUSECON (Marina)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.04.28

  • Uyuni 2023.04: What's new? (Marina)
  • Extending Uyuni server Prometheus instrumentation (Witek)
  • Hack Week: Image registry synchronization (Ricardo)
  • Project Lotus (Thomas)
  • Acceptance test at PR: Beta users wanted (Jordi)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.03.31

  • Hack Week: Code coverage of Uyuni triggered by our Cucumber Test suite (Oscar)
  • Visualising Salt events (Viktor)
  • Syncing optional channel from UI (and not just from CLI) (Pascal)
  • Hack Week: OpenSCAP usability improvements (Abid)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.02.24

  • Uyuni 2023.02/2023.03: What's new? (Julio)
  • Uyuni roadmap (Abid)
  • Hack Week: New Operating systems as clients for Uyuni (Raul and Julio)
  • Hack Week: Building the documentation on any OS and with no toolchain (Julio)
  • Hack Week: Improvements on the Uyuni Health Check tool (Pablo)
  • Hack Week: Deploying Uyuni Proxy container with fleet and elemental (Cedric)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2023.01.27

  • Uyuni 2022.12 and Uyuni 2023.01: What's new? (Julio)
  • Hackweek 22 (2023) (Julio)
  • Content Lifecycle Management: Disabling modularity for AppStream repositories (Can)
  • Rebooting SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro (Welder)
  • Action Chains for SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro (Michele)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.11.28

  • Uyuni 2022.11: What's new? (Julio)
  • Android Salt-Minion (Oscar)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.09.30

  • Uyuni 2022.09/2022.10: What's new? (Julio)
  • pip support for the Salt Bundle (Pablo)
  • Cobbler updated to version 3.3.3
  • Faster systems lists (Cedric)
  • A new dev tool: SonarCloud (Cedric)
  • Uyuni Ansible Collection (Christian Stankowic)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.08.26

  • Uyuni 2022.09: What will be new? (Julio)
  • Hack week 2022 outcome: openEuler, Ubuntu, RHEL and clones (Raul, Julio)
  • GPG Key handling in Uyuni (Michael)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.06.24

  • Uyuni 2022.06: What's new?​ (Julio)
  • Hack Week 21 (Julio)
  • Welcome, Santosh! (Julio, Santosh)
  • Uyuni 2022.06: Migrations to openSUSE Leap 15.4 and PostgreSQL 14 news​ (Michele Bussolotto)
  • Bugfix: http proxy issues with reposync (Pablo)
  • Salt 3004 news​ (Victor)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.05.27

  • Uyuni 2022.05: What's new? (Julio)
  • Uyuni 2022.06: What will be new? (Julio)
  • Technology Preview: JSON over HTTP API (Can)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.04.29

  • Uyuni 2022.04 (Julio)
  • Improved image management (Vladimir)
  • Technology Preview: Containerized Uyuni Proxy and Retail Branch Server (Cedric)
  • HSTS available (Johannes)
  • Reporting Database improvements (Michael and Thomas)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.03.25

  • Uyuni Contributors of the year Awards (Julio)
  • Uyuni 2022.03 (Julio)
  • Salt SSH with Salt Bundle (Victor)
  • Uyuni Proxy as containers (Cedric)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.02.25

  • Uyuni 2022.02 (Julio)
  • Report Database (Thomas)
  • Ubuntu patches with installation support (Kevin)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2022.01.28

  • Uyuni 2022.01 (Julio)
  • Changing the proxy used for clients from the WebUI (Vladimir)
  • Changes in Documentation (Ornela)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.11.26

  • Uyuni 2021.12 (Julio)
  • Link to vendor security advisory in Patch details page (Thomas)
  • PAYG client support (Ricardo)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.10.29

  • Prometheus Uyuni service discovery upstreamed (Witek)
  • Plans and progress for the Salt bundle (Viktor)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.09.24

  • Uyuni 2021.09 (Julio)
  • Ansible client bootstrapping (Franky and Can)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.08.27

  • Logs for Salt SSH minions (Julio)
  • Application Streams tab for modular channels (Michele Bussolotto)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.07.30

  • Uyuni 2021.08 (Julio)
  • Ansible client bootstrapping and test mode (Franky and Can)
  • SCAP Audit UI changes (Pablo)
  • Inter-Server Synchronization version 2​ (Ricardo)
  • Pacemaker support for KVM and Xen virtual machines (Cedric)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.06.25

  • Uyuni 2021.06 (Julio)
  • Live patching filter templates (Can)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.05.28

  • Uyuni 2021.05 (Julio)
  • Ansible integration (Pablo)
  • Contrib repository (Jochen)
  • (more to be added)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.04.30

  • Uyuni 2021.04 (Julio)
  • Calendar widget for maintenance windows (Pascal)
  • Where do my states come from? (Can)
  • Retracted patches (Franky)

Recording: YouTube

Agenda for 2021.03.26

  • Give us a helping ARM! (Julio)
  • Amazon Linux 2 and Alma Linux 8 as Uyuni Clients​ (Julio)
  • Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 as Uyuni Clients (Pau)
  • Uyuni in containers project (Silvio)
  • Salt LSP (Cédric + Dan)

Recording: YouTube

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