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Arguments parser
provides argument parsing for event handlers
import re
import ast
class Arguments(tuple):
Given a argument line gives access to the split parts
honoring common quotation and escaping rules
>>> Arguments(r"simple 'quoted string'")
('simple', 'quoted string')
_splitquoted = re.compile("(\s+|\"(?:\\\\.|[^\"])*?\"|'(?:\\\\.|[^'])*?')")
def __new__(cls, s):
>>> Arguments(r"one two three")
('one', 'two', 'three')
>>> Arguments(r"spam 'escaping \\'works\\''")
('spam', "escaping 'works'")
>>> # For testing purposes we can pass a preparsed tuple
>>> Arguments(('foo', 'bar', 'baz az'))
('foo', 'bar', 'baz az')
if isinstance(s, tuple):
self = tuple.__new__(cls, s)
self._raw, self._ref = s, list(range(len(s)))
return self
raw = cls._splitquoted.split(s)
ref = []
self = tuple.__new__(cls, cls.parse(raw, ref))
self._raw, self._ref = raw, ref
return self
def parse(cls, raw, ref):
Generator used to initialise the arguments tuple
Indexes to where in source list the arguments start will be put in 'ref'
c = None
for i, part in enumerate(raw):
if re.match('\s+', part):
# Whitespace ends the current argument, leading ws is ignored
if c is not None:
yield c
c = None
f = unquote(part)
if c is None:
# Mark the start of the argument in the raw input
if part != '':
c = f
c += f
if c is not None:
yield c
def raw(self, frm=0, to=None):
Returs the portion of the raw input that yielded arguments
from 'frm' to 'to'
>>> args = Arguments(r"'spam, spam' egg sausage and 'spam'")
>>> args
('spam, spam', 'egg', 'sausage', 'and', 'spam')
>>> args.raw(1)
"egg sausage and 'spam'"
if len(self._ref) < 1:
return ''
rfrm = self._ref[frm]
if to is None or len(self._ref) <= to+1:
rto = len(self._raw)
rto = self._ref[to+1]-1
return ''.join(self._raw[rfrm:rto])
splitquoted = Arguments # or define a function?
def unquote(s):
Returns the input string without quotations and with
escape sequences interpreted
if s and s[0] == s[-1] and s[0] in ['"', "'"]:
return ast.literal_eval(s)
return ast.literal_eval('"' + s + '"')
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