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Uzbl would never be what it is today without the help of these people.
In alphabetical order:
(bobpaul) - session script patches
(dequis) -, birectional socket, javascript commands
(evocallaghan) - tiny patches
(israellevin) - toggle_zoom_type
(kmeaw) - fix for multibyte utf8 characters segfault
(mxf) - uzblcat
(neutralinsomniac) - load_progress = 0 fix
(nmeum) - man pages, various small fixes
(salinasv) - move some variables to heap
(sentientswitch) - Cleaned up code. Added some commands.
(tczy) - patches
Aaron Griffin (phrakture) - Makefile patches to build on OSX
Abel Camarillo (00z) - various portability fixes, such as BSD fixes for Makefile and posix shell scripts
Aldrik Dunbar (n30n) - scroll % script
Alex Alexander - Makefile patches
Andraž 'ruskie' Levstik - font_family patch
Andrea Marchesini <> - resource-request-starting
Andy Spencer - security fixes
Barak A. Pearlmutter - typo fix
Ben Boeckel (mathstuf) - added scroll events, refactored the default shell scripts
Brendan Taylor (bct) - various bugfixes, making misc variables much better using expand(), refactoring some internal var stuff
Cedric Staub - Javascript cookies
Chris Mason - code snippets such as basic cookie handler
Chris van Dijk (quigybo) - work on uzbl-tabbed
Christer Sjöholm - uzbl-tabbed bugfixes
Ciprian Dorin, Craciun - patches
Daiki Ueno (ueno) - fix for crash when opening image in new window
Damien Leon - misc
Daniel M. Hackney - documentation cleanups
David Keijser (keis) - the add_cookie/delete_cookie + distributor system, consistent event syntax, various C and python patches.
Devon Jones <> - uzbl_tabbed: bring_to_front
Dieter Plaetinck (Dieter@be) <dieter AT> - several contributions
Dmytro Milinevskyy - uzbl-tabbed useability patches
Dusan Popovic (dusanx) - many contributions to early uzbl
Evgeny Grablyk - libsoup settings
Gustavo Chaín <> - newbg command
Gregor Uhlenheuer (kongo2002) <> - uzbl vim syntax & related files
Helmut Grohne (helmut) - move void **ptr to union, various fixes
Henri Kemppainen (DuClare) <email is akarinotengoku AT THE DOMAIN OF> - many contributions, mostly old handler code
Håkan Jerning - uzbl-tabbed: autosave_session patch
Igor Bogomazov - mouse ptr events
Jake Probst <> - uzbl_tabbed: multiline tablist, new window opening patches
James Campos (aeosynth) <> - Re-orderable gtk notebook tabs in uzbl-tabbed
James S Wheaton (uranther) - zoom level, test framework
Jan Kolkmeier (jouz) - scrolling, link following
Jason Woofenden (JasonWoof) - geometry=maximized, link following
Jochen Sprickerhof - enhancements
k0ral - split status bar, cleanup and bugfix patches
Klaus T. Aehlig - various patches
Lars-Dominik Braun (PromyLOPh) - added ability to enable/disable the webkit page cache
Laurence Withers (lwithers) - talk_to_socket
Luca Bruno <> - bashims fixes
Mark Nevill - misc patches
Mason Larobina (mason-l) <> - uzbl-tabbed, uzbl-cookie-daemon, uzbl-event-manager & plugins, uzbl vim syntax ...
Matthew Bauer <> - userscripts
Maximilian Gaß (mxey) - several small patches
Michael Fiano (axionix) - added whitelist
Michael Raskin - added show_inspector command
Michael Walker (Barrucadu) <mike AT> - contributions to early uzbl
Moritz Lenz - small doc fix
Nicolas Pouillard - refactored scroll command
Olivier Schwander - auto file:// prepend
Olof-Joachim Frahm - bugfixes
Paul Tomak - script, uzbl vim syntax
Paweł Zuzelski (pawelz) <> - http auth handler, misc patches
Peter Suschlik - backwards searching
Přemysl Hrubý (anydot) <email is dfenze AT> - several C contributions and cleanups
Robert Manea (robm) <email is rob DOT manea AT gmail DOT com> - C code all over the place
Sergey Shepelev (temoto) - doc patch
Simon Lipp (sloonz) - various patches, EM contributions
Sylvester Johansson (scj) - form filler script & different take on link follower
Tassilo Horn (tsdh) - $VISUAL patch
Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı (taylanub) - updated form filler
Thorsten Wilms - logo design
Tom Adams (holizz) - few patches,, gtkplug/socket & proof of concept, scheme_handler
Uli Schlachter (psychon) - basic mime_policy_cb & Makefile patch
Zane Ashby (HashBox) - Rewrote FIFO interface. Fixed various bugs.
Also, thanks to all people who've posted useful things to the mailing list and/or wiki.
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Which is copyrighted:
2006, 2007 Apple Inc
2007 Alp Toker <>