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Flightmare - 左青龙

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Flightmare is a flexible modular quadrotor simulator. Flightmare is composed of two main components: a configurable rendering engine built on Unity and a flexible physics engine for dynamics simulation. Those two components are totally decoupled and can run independently from each other. Flightmare comes with several desirable features: (i) a large multi-modal sensor suite, including an interface to extract the 3D point-cloud of the scene; (ii) an API for reinforcement learning which can simulate hundreds of quadrotors in parallel; and (iii) an integration with a virtual-reality headset for interaction with the simulated environment. Flightmare can be used for various applications, including path-planning, reinforcement learning, visual-inertial odometry, deep learning, human-robot interaction, etc.

Website & Documentation



Installation instructions can be found in our Wiki.


  • 17.11.2020 Spotlight Talk at CoRL 2020
  • 04.09.2020 Release Flightmare


If you use this code in a publication, please cite the following paper PDF

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    author={Song, Yunlong and Naji, Selim and Kaufmann, Elia and Loquercio, Antonio and Scaramuzza, Davide},
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This project is released under the MIT License. Please review the License file for more details.