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Codebase for my Harvard SEAS Visualization final project. Feel free to use, modify, play with, break, fold, spidle, or mutilate -- only thing we ask is that you not strip out the credit block in the code and that you adjust the visuals enough to avoid the "Harvard" look.
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Note: Existing code has a known issue with recent versions of Firefox (32 & 33 at the very least) where initial rotation of the view will make the labels disappear. This appears to be a FF bug as opposed to my bug, but it's still unpleasant. You can turn off the rotation with the least amount of fuss by commenting out the contents of the rotateall function.


Related sites

Project site:


The files

Final code and assets are all included in the root of the repository; all snapshots have been moved to the snapshot directory. The only library used here is d3; it's linked to externally (due to the way Drupal works, when the project appears live on the SEAS site there will also be a small amount of jQuery, but that has been left out here for simplicity's sake). The Process Book is also in the root of the repository (ProcessBook.pdf).

The Drupal module is also included here (drupalmodule); it will be next to useless on any Drupal instance other than SEAS' as it's extremely specific about what it needs to pull out to work, but you can have a look at what's involved at least. One of these days I plan to generalize it so it can be used against Views, but that will come later.

Please note that when visiting the website or using the code in the repository locally you will have to click the "Explore SEAS Connections" button to bring up the visualization itself -- this is to give you a feel for the final experience when the vis moves to the public SEAS site. It will be located on multiple pages and triggered by a button as an overlay rather than being a separate page of its own.

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