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Multi-provider authentication framework for PHP
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Opauth is a multi-provider authentication framework for PHP, inspired by OmniAuth for Ruby.

Opauth enables PHP applications to do user authentication with ease.

Try out Opauth for yourself at

About this bundled package

This package is bundled with Opauth core and the following strategies to help users getting started quickly:

Once you are familiar with how Opauth works, check out list of strategies for more Opauth-supported stragies.

Quick start

Guide on how to run this bundled example.

  1. Set DocumentRoot of your web server to this directory so that this file is accessible at http://localhost/
    (Make sure your web server is set to allow mod_rewrite)

  2. Open opauth.conf.php and make the necessary changes.

  3. Finally, send user to http://localhost/facebook, http://localhost/google or http://localhost/twitter to authenticate.

Check out the wiki for more in-depth details, especially on how to use Opauth with your own PHP application.


Strategy Maintained by
Facebook   Facebook uzyn
Google   Google uzyn
Instagram   Instagram muhdazrain
LinkedIn   LinkedIn uzyn
mixi   mixi ritou
OpenID   OpenID uzyn
Twitter   Twitter uzyn

Generic strategy: OAuth

See wiki's list of strategies for an updated list of Opauth strategies or to make requests. Also, refer to strategy contribution guide if you would like to contribute a strategy.


PHP 5 (>= 5.2)


Opauth needs your contributions, especially the following:

  • More strategies
    Refer to wiki for contribution guide and inform us when your work is ready.

  • Plugins for more PHP frameworks and CMSes
    eg. Symfony, Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

  • Guides & tutorials
    On how to implement Opauth on CakePHP app, etc.

  • Unit testing
    Coverage is only average at the moment.

Issues & questions

Used Opauth in your project? Let us know!


The MIT License
Copyright © 2012 U-Zyn Chua (


U-Zyn Chua is a Principal Consultant at Zynesis Consulting.
Looking for PHP web development solutions or consultation? Drop me a mail.

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