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Contribution Guidelines

The Website is generated from data.json.

When adding new records to that file please follow these instructions:

  • Search for duplicates
  • Fork this repository
  • Create an individual PR for each record

You can validate your change with

npm run checkdata

This will validate the data.json file against a JSON schema. This step is optional and will be done as a verification CI build step for each PR.

💾 Format

The format of each record is pretty simple. Most of the data will be fetched automatically from GitHub.

        // REQUIRED: url of the GitHub repo
        "repo": "", 

        // REQUIRED: url to the main image
        "banner": "", 

        // REQUIRED (could be empty): additional images
        "images": [ 

        // REQUIRED (min 1 / max 3 / allowed values see schema): tags 
        "tags": [ 

        // REQUIRED (min 1 / max 4 / allowed values see schema): supported platforms
        "paltforms": [
    // other ...

🤖 Generation

The data.json file will be parsed and enriched with additional information from GitHub. Results of this process are stored in src/data/data.compiled.json.

📦 Build & Development

The following npm commands are supported:

# schema validation
npm run checkdata

# generate data.compiled.json
npm run updatedata

# generate website
npm run dist

# start watch tasks & livereload for development
npm run serve

🙅‍♀️ Not ineligible or deletion if

  • Not actively maintained
  • README is not clear
  • Not work with the latest SDK

🚀 Contributions beside new controls

  • Contributions to the existing schema file (new Tags / Platforms) are also welcome (create a PR or an issue).
  • Feedback or new features for are welcome (create an issue).

Thank you for your suggestions! ♥️