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Camelot provides components for building business applications on top of **Python**, **SQLAlchemy** and **Qt**.  
It is inspired by the Django admin interface.  
A simple piece of code as this::

  class Task( Entity ):
      short_description = Column( Unicode( 60 ), nullable = False )
      due_date = Column( Date() )
      long_description = Column( RichText() )
      class Admin( EntityAdmin ):
          list_display = ['short_description', 'due_date']
Is enough to define your database schema, define the mapping between the
database and objects, and to create a user friendly desktop GUI.

Building applications with Camelot has these advantages :

  *  Use high quality editors together with the *Qt* Model-View framework
  *  Editors are bound to the model without writing binding code
  *  User friendliness and performance out of the box
  *  Tons of built in functions such as data import and export, printing, 
     backup and restore
  *  Documentation on creating the various parts of an application like wizards
     and reports

For more information, refer to :

 - `Home page <>`_.
 - `Screenshots <>`_.
 - `Documentation <>`_.