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An alternative package manager for V.
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vpkg is a package manager written on V for V.


vpkg's approach is to incorporate the ideas taken from centralized and decentralized package managers.

  • Centralized, popular packages are being listed on VPM and on to a single registry.json file.
  • Uses a single, JSON file for storing package information as well as it's dependencies. (In this case, .vpkg.json)
  • Packages stored from registry.json file can be obtained through a simple vpkg get [package name] while the rest uses regular Git URLs.
  • Support for multiple package manifests (v.mod, .vpm.json, and .vpkg.json).
  • Support for custom package registries/sources.

Custom Registry

Starting with VPkg 0.4.1, you can now use your own custom sources to download your favorite modules. VPkg will detect a registry.json file from the registry to parse and scan if the name is present. Simply add a sources field to your .vpkg.json file and you're good to go!

    "name": "vpkg",
    "version": "0.1.0",
    "author": ["Name <>"],
    "repo": "",
    "sources": ["", ""],
    "dependencies": [

Running your own

VPkg's own registry server is a perfect template to start running your own registry server. Just modify registry.json and use any http or web library of your choice to get up and running.


VPkg 0.3
An alternative package manager for V.


vpkg <COMMAND> [ARGS...] [options]


get [packages]                     Fetch and installs packages from the registry or the git repo.
help                               Prints this help message.
info                               Show project's package information.
init [--format=vpkg|vmod]          Creates a package manifest file into the current directory. Defaults to "vpkg".
install                            Reads the package manifest file and installs the necessary packages.
remove [packages]                  Removes packages
update                             Updates packages.
version                            Prints the Version of this program.


--global, -g                       Installs the modules/packages into the `.vmodules` folder.


  • ability to publish and search packages in VPM and VPKG registry.
  • recursive installation of dependencies of packages.
  • unified logging interface


  • Clone the repo.
  • Download and install v-args and place it into the folder where your vpkg source code is located.
  • Build it from source.

Building from Source

git clone
cd vpkg/
v -prod .


(C) 2019 Ned Palacios

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