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Written in Ruby, uses Gtk. Shows an icon in the system tray and popup notifications (using libnotify) for new packages.


  • Uses libnotify to display notifications
  • Uses custom SVG icons which can be overriden by the user
  • Supports defining a “connection check” command which determines if the user is connected to the internet
  • Uses sudo only to run pacman -Sy, therefore you only need to give password-less permission to this command


(using notify-osd, instead of standard notification-daemon)


Just install from AUR

yaourt -S pacman-notifier



pacman-notifier &

(or add pacman-notifier to your autostart, for whatever window manager you’re using)

The first time it is ran, default settings will be written to ~/.pacman-notifier (this is a YAML file, so keep the formatting). You can change several variables there. See Configurations.

pacman-notifier will check for updates periodically. You can force a check by left-clicking on the icon. Right clicking gives you the option to run the upgrade command (defined in the .pacman-notifier file), which by default opens a konsole and runs sudo pacman -Su. Middle-clicking also runs the upgrade command.

sudo configuration

You need to give passwordless sudo access to the “pacman -Sy” command, for the user that will be running pacman-notifier. To give access specifically for that command you should edit your /etc/sudoers file to include the following line:

%wheel ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pacman -Sy

Which will give access to said command to every user under the “wheel” group. A similar configuration can be achieved for just a specific user.


You can change pacman-notifier’s icons by placing your own versions under $HOME/.icons$. Look for the names of the icons pacman-notifier uses by looking under /usr/share/pixmaps (all icons have a pacman- prefix).


    • Fix for ruby-libnotify 0.5
  • 0.6.5
    • Default check interval is know 15 minutes
    • By default, a re-check of the system status (up-to-date/out-of-date) is made right after upgrade. This requires the upgrade command to stay on foreground (see Configurations).
    • Added configurable (by default uses ping to google) command to check for internet connectivity
    • An icon now displays if the user is “offline”
    • Updated wiki in several places
  • 0.6.3
    • Middle click now runs upgrade command
    • FIX: for when using notification-daemon
    • Set busy icon also when checking updates automatically
  • 0.6.2
    • Small fix for Ruby 1.9
  • 0.6.1
    • Fixed to work with pacman 3.3
  • 0.6
    • Fixed notifications so it can be used with notify-osd
    • Removed traces of Qt interface (it will be completely Gtk based for the time)
    • Added upgrade menu item and upgrade button on notification (won’t appear if using notify-osd)
    • No more blinking icon
    • More efficient regular expression (previous versions could exhibit high cpu usage when checking updates because of this)
    • Add check for locked database (assumes pacman lock file in default location)
    • New SVG icons (blue for up-to-date, gray for busy, yellow for out-of-date)
    • Welcome to the pacman-notifier wiki!
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