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📰 Flarum Blog

This Flarum extension will add a blog system to your forum.

If you have any feedback, let us know! Do you experience issues? You can report issues on the Flarum Forum or on GitHub.

📥 Installation

If you like to install this extension, run the following command:

composer require v17development/flarum-blog


Run the following command on your server to update the plugin

composer update v17development/flarum-blog

🦸 Features

  • Adds a 'Blog' page and article detail page to your forum
  • Uses the advantages of the flarum-tags extension
  • Fully integrated SEO tags using the flarum-seo extension
  • Add summary to an article
  • Add an image to an article
  • Highlight a post
  • Disable or allow comments by default
  • Blog posts could require a review (if set up)
  • Custom blog and review role
  • Friendly user interface
  • Set 'blog overview' as home page
  • Works with already existing discussions/articles
  • Including ghost loading
  • Upload thumbnail images with fof-upload

📝 To-do:

  • Add RSS (possible)

🙋 Questions, feedback?

If you have any questions related to this extension, don't hesistate and send us an email, or ask your question on our V17 Development Slack workspace.

❤️ Sponsored by Glowing Blue

This extension is sponsored by Glowing Blue.

🖼️ Screenshots

Blog overview page:

Image from Gyazo

Blog article:

Image from Gyazo

Blog tools:

Blog settings:

Admin settings: