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Perfect SEO for your Flarum forum
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Flarum SEO

First Flarum extension that add SEO tags to your Flarum forum.


If you like to install this extension, run the following command:

composer require v17development/flarum-seo


If you like to update the package:

composer update v17development/flarum-seo

Adding SEO tags to the following pages:

  • Home page
  • Tags page (if extension is enabled)
  • Discussion page
  • User profile
  • Pages page (if extension is enabled)

Works with

This extension will work with the following extensions enabled or disabled. All extensions are not required, but it will work together if they are installed and enabled:

How do the results look like in Google?

Potential it could look like this, after Google reindex your site. This could take a while before Google or any other crawler does this. The following screenshots are in Dutch, but you get the concept: How it looks like

How long will changes take effect?

It depends. Recrawling can take a few days, up to a few weeks until most of your results are updated. Use the Flagrow Sitemap to let Google know what discussions there are on your forum. You may speed it up by manually update a search result Google via the Google Search Console, but that is no gurantee that the search result will be updated directly.

Read more about how you can let Google recrawl your site

Using following SEO methods:

The extension will use the following SEO methods:

You like what I did?

You may like to buy me a coffee and support my work :)

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