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Yet Another Dialog


Program allows you to display GTK+ dialog boxes from command line or shell scripts. YAD depends on GTK+ only. Minimal GTK+ version is 2.16.0

This software is licensed under the GPL v.3

Project homepage:
Example usage:
Mailing list:

Some miscellaneous stuff can be found in data directory including notify-send script and simple zenity-compatible wrapper

Building git version


Get git version with command

svn checkout svn:// yad-dialog-code

Before run the standard ./configure && make && make install procedure you need to generate build scripts. This can be done by running command

autoreconf -ivf && intltoolize

For successfully build you may need to install the following packages:

Additionally, you can build yad with the following libraries:

Yad can be built against both 2 and 3 versions of GTK+ library. Preferred build with version 2