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airgeddon Docker image is based on Parrot Security Linux.

To run a container based on a Docker image to execute airgeddon, bear in mind that it should be run on a system running X Window (for example Xorg for Linux, XQuartz for Mac or XMing for Windows) because it runs xterm windows used for some features.

Depending of the Operating System of your host, check the corresponding section to see the recommended docker run command. The image is going to be automatically downloaded from airgeddon's Dockerhub and then a Docker container will be be run launching automatically airgeddon script inside it:

  • Linux <- fully working
  • Mac OSX <- alpha phase, still investigating
  • Windows <- alpha phase, still investigating

The default language for docker image is English. Once inside, it can be changed as normal using menu option for that.

If you prefer to build your own image, there is a Dockerfile present in the project.

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