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import pykar
def parse_midi(filename):
with open(filename) as f:
fdata =
midifile = pykar.midiParseData(fdata, None, 'cp1252')
return midifile.lyrics.list
def clean_syllables(lyric_list):
#remove lines
#at the very start (title/artist lines)
lyric_list = [lyric for lyric in lyric_list if lyric > 0]
#and concatenate syllables beloning to a single word
#that means they don't end in a space
#and aren't the last word on a line.
""" for i, lyric in enumerate(lyric_list):
if (lyric.text[-1:] != " ") and (lyric_list[i + 1].line != lyric.line):
lyric.lone_syllable = True
#finally, process to simpler format for joe's tiny mind
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