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Inspired by this post: One line browser notepad
And many thanks to this piece of code and this.
Actually this app is just a combination of the codes above. It's all messd up.
I'll try to make them decent in the near future or maybe you can help me. :)


  • Open the md-editor.html file
  • For Mac
    • Command-L: load file
    • Command-S: save/save-as file
  • For Windows
    • Ctrl-L: load file
    • Ctrl-S: save/save-as file
  • Tricks
    • C-p: move to the previous line
    • C-n: move to the next line
    • C-f: move forward a character
    • C-b: move backward a character
    • C-a: move to the beginning of the line
    • C-e: move to the end of the line
    • C-d: delete forward
    • C-h: delete backward
    • C-k: delete the rest of the line
    • And others


  • make a chrome extension or something? (doing)
  • Connnect to google driver?
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