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v5.1.0 User Preview

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@xiaokangwang xiaokangwang released this
· 16 commits to master since this release

v5.1.0 User Preview

New Features

  • Jsonv5 New configuration format. This enables support for automatic component recognition.
  • VLite UDP P2P focused proxy protocol with Full Cone, Forward Error Correction, Self-Healing Connection(Connection Stabilization) support.
    • UDP based VLite support was added in #1732.
    • The ZH EN documents have been updated.
  • UDP PacketAddr UDP endpoint independent mapping(aka Full Cone) support.
  • SocksOpt Add KeepAlive Support. Thanks @ValdikSS .
  • SocksOpt Add BindToDevice Support. Thanks @database64128 .
  • SocksOpt Add Rx/TxBuf Size Support.
  • Burst Observatory Measure connection quality to a significant amount of outbound at the same time. Thanks @qjebbs.
  • Multi Observatory Run more than one Observatory at the same time.
  • Router Load balancing strategy LeastLoad. Thanks @qjebbs.
  • Jsonv4 Additional representation format for Jsonv4 configure file format. This includes YAML, TOML. Thanks @qjebbs.
  • Jsonv4 General purpose merger for all configure formats. Thanks @qjebbs.
  • Shadowsocks Reduced IV Head Entropy Experiment. Thanks GFWReport and other collaborators.
  • CLI Reworked command line Interface. Thanks @qjebbs.
  • Developer Assistance Protobuf configure format reverse engineering.
  • Asset Search for assets in xdg data directories on non-windows platforms #1578 Thanks @NickCao.
  • DNS Feat: refine find IPs logic for DoH. Thanks @AkinoKaede .
  • gRPC Feat: make gRPC dialer accept socket config #1697 Thanks @dyhkwong
  • JSONv5 Feat: add JSONC support to v5 configuration #1778 Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • DNS Change the default port of Dns over Quic #1834 Thanks @simpleandstupid @AkinoKaede
  • DNS feat: change ALPN of DNS over QUIC Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • UDP Feat: increase idle timeout to 300s for udp split #1903 Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • Feat: refine cipher and network config #1436 Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • Feat: refine the logic of security type AUTO #1913 Thanks @H1JK


  • Router Fixed a memory leak bug caused by requiring component.
  • FakeDNS Fix a concurrency issue in fakedns #1666 Thanks @yuhan6665 .
  • Jsonv5 Fix: context of DNS simplified config #1665 Thanks @AkinoKaede .
  • DNS Fix: fix failure of cache expired DNS record querying over DoH #1706 Thanks @KujouRinka.
  • DNS Fix: failure of cache expired DNS record querying over DoQ. Thanks @AkinoKaede .
  • Fix client dialer log #1568 Thanks @yuhan6665 @AkinoKaede @kslr.
  • Fix: net.Address type checking #1629 Thanks @1ocalhost
  • Fix "disable quit on connection interrupt" #1763 Thanks @dyhkwong
  • Fix TLS Client Certificate Verify Not Applied
  • Fix: proxy/http: Avoid getting stuck when using server-first protocols #1517 Thanks @lrh2000
  • Fix: correct a type assertion of dokodemo simplified config #1771 Thanks @EHfive
  • Fix: build routing condition for geo domain #1772 Thanks @EHfive
  • Fix: correct TCP keepalive sockopt names for darwin #1777 Thanks @EHfive
  • Fix ticker usage Thanks @nekohasekai
  • Fix: load auto format config with io.Reader #1773 Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • Fix: V5 config register #1879 Thanks @AkinoKaede
  • Fix: length of DNS over QUIC #1888 Thanks @AkinoKaede