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This repo is a fork of ToutyRater/v2ray-guide, we aim to provide a new step-by-step guide of v2ray
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V2Ray 配置指南


本指南最初是由 ToutyRater 编写的关于 V2Ray 如何配置及使用的指南。为了方便多语言翻译和维护,V2fly 对该项目进行了 Fork ,项目基于 BY-CC 4.0 授权。


所有对中文内容的修改请对本仓库的 transifex 分支中的 zh_CN/ 目录下对应文件提交。如需要另增页面的,可以开 Issue 讨论。

多语言翻译使用翻译协作平台 Transifex, 具体项目链接如下:

中文 至 英文

英文 至 多国语言


This repository is a fork of ToutyRater/v2ray-guide, due to we want to maintain this document but cannot contact with the author. If you are the author, you are welcome to contact us by either telegram group or email.

Thanks ToutyRater maintain the original version of this documentation. The document is licensed under BY-CC 4.0, details see in


We currently only support new content in Chinese. If you are able to contribute with Chinese, please follow instructions above. Otherwise, you may open an Issue so we can help you out.

To join the translate team which hosted on, use following links:

Chinese to English

English to Multiple Languages

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