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package done
import (
// Instance is a utility for notifications of something being done.
type Instance struct {
access sync.Mutex
c chan struct{}
closed bool
// New returns a new Done.
func New() *Instance {
return &Instance{
c: make(chan struct{}),
// Done returns true if Close() is called.
func (d *Instance) Done() bool {
select {
case <-d.Wait():
return true
return false
// Wait returns a channel for waiting for done.
func (d *Instance) Wait() <-chan struct{} {
return d.c
// Close marks this Done 'done'. This method may be called multiple times. All calls after first call will have no effect on its status.
func (d *Instance) Close() error {
defer d.access.Unlock()
if d.closed {
return nil
d.closed = true
return nil
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