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package common
import (
// ConfigCreator is a function to create an object by a config.
type ConfigCreator func(ctx context.Context, config interface{}) (interface{}, error)
var (
typeCreatorRegistry = make(map[reflect.Type]ConfigCreator)
// RegisterConfig registers a global config creator. The config can be nil but must have a type.
func RegisterConfig(config interface{}, configCreator ConfigCreator) error {
configType := reflect.TypeOf(config)
if _, found := typeCreatorRegistry[configType]; found {
return newError(configType.Name() + " is already registered").AtError()
typeCreatorRegistry[configType] = configCreator
return nil
// CreateObject creates an object by its config. The config type must be registered through RegisterConfig().
func CreateObject(ctx context.Context, config interface{}) (interface{}, error) {
configType := reflect.TypeOf(config)
creator, found := typeCreatorRegistry[configType]
if !found {
return nil, newError(configType.String() + " is not registered").AtError()
return creator(ctx, config)
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