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// Copyright 2017 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Package cpu implements processor feature detection
// used by the Go standard library.
package cpu
var X86 x86
// The booleans in x86 contain the correspondingly named cpuid feature bit.
// HasAVX and HasAVX2 are only set if the OS does support XMM and YMM registers
// in addition to the cpuid feature bit being set.
// The struct is padded to avoid false sharing.
type x86 struct {
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
HasAES bool
HasADX bool
HasAVX bool
HasAVX2 bool
HasBMI1 bool
HasBMI2 bool
HasERMS bool
HasFMA bool
HasPOPCNT bool
HasSSE2 bool
HasSSE3 bool
HasSSSE3 bool
HasSSE41 bool
HasSSE42 bool
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
var PPC64 ppc64
// For ppc64x, it is safe to check only for ISA level starting on ISA v3.00,
// since there are no optional categories. There are some exceptions that also
// require kernel support to work (darn, scv), so there are capability bits for
// those as well. The minimum processor requirement is POWER8 (ISA 2.07), so we
// maintain some of the old capability checks for optional categories for
// safety.
// The struct is padded to avoid false sharing.
type ppc64 struct {
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
HasVMX bool // Vector unit (Altivec)
HasDFP bool // Decimal Floating Point unit
HasVSX bool // Vector-scalar unit
HasHTM bool // Hardware Transactional Memory
HasISEL bool // Integer select
HasVCRYPTO bool // Vector cryptography
HasHTMNOSC bool // HTM: kernel-aborted transaction in syscalls
HasDARN bool // Hardware random number generator (requires kernel enablement)
HasSCV bool // Syscall vectored (requires kernel enablement)
IsPOWER8 bool // ISA v2.07 (POWER8)
IsPOWER9 bool // ISA v3.00 (POWER9)
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
var ARM64 arm64
// The booleans in arm64 contain the correspondingly named cpu feature bit.
// The struct is padded to avoid false sharing.
type arm64 struct {
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
HasFP bool
HasASIMD bool
HasAES bool
HasPMULL bool
HasSHA1 bool
HasSHA2 bool
HasCRC32 bool
_ [CacheLineSize]byte
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