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Addon for Openframeworks to play sounds on selected speakers
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Addon for Openframeworks to play sounds on selected speakers on a given soundcard. It uses an implementation of ofSoundPlayer with Fmod.

You can select an output with the function

void ofFmodSelectDriver(int driver);

Then you can use the method playTo to play the loaded sound on different speakers:

soundPlayer.playTo(1); 			// Plays sound to speaker 1
soundPlayer.playTo(3,4); 		// Plays sound to speakers 3,4
int speakers[4] = {0,1,4,5};	
soundPlayer.playTo(speakers,4); // Plays sound to speakers 0,1,4,5

You can also set individual volume for every channel and every speaker using setVolumeAt



Developped with Openframeworks 0.8+ on MacOS 10.9.4 with a Motu 828mk2 device connected through Firewire and UltraLite MK3 USB


System preferences Motu speakers list

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