Tools for easier maintainance of your mobile privacy
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Android Privacy Toolkit

Tools for easier maintainance of your privacy


Tools presented here may require to have one of the following NON-STANDARD programs available on $PATH:

  • iw
  • hostname

Some of them may be available from my other repositories, such as this repo.

List of tools

  • wifi - easy interface for managing wifi in new Android systems

This tool allows you to maintain separate configurations for every wifi connection and spoof your HW address (MAC) easily.

As of now there are three commands available:

  • connect [confname] - allows you to connect to network(s) defined in confname, where confname is standard wpa_supplicant configuration. This commands inserts wifi card module to kernel, starts supplicant and DHCP client.
  • disconnect - performs cleanup: kills supplicant and dhcp and removes kernel module
  • up [real/fake/MAC] - spoofs/restores HW address, where real restores, fake uses predefined fake address or allows use custom address


It may be necessary to modify some of the script's variables in order for it to work on your configuration (especially name of kernel module). You have to create config directory and make it readable for system/wifi user or group. Use original wpa_supplicant.conf as reference.


Scripts were tested on Cyanogenmod 10.2 and may not work on your device. They are designed for experienced users so if you have no idea how they work it is better not to try using them.