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PNG to line printer converter
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PNG to line printer converter


The purpose of this program is to convert two-color PNG images to line printers. In principle it should be possible to implement any terminal or dot-matrix printer as program output.


Basic usage is as simple as providing file name of PNG image to be converted:

png2lp tux.png

As a result tux.png would be printed on standard output using UTF-8 encoding, as vt100 is default sink.

It is possible to choose between few printers and page layouts and more could be possibly added in future.

  • to list available printers, you can invoke: png2lp -l
  • to list available pages for certain printer, do: png2lp -L vt100
  • to set non-default printer as a sink: png2lp -p oki3321
  • to set non-default page layout on a sink: png2lp -p oki3321 -P a4-p


Currently only following sinks and pages are available:

  • vt100 - standard UTF-8 terminal
    • 80x25 - 80 columns, 25 lines
    • 80xINF - 80 columns, no line limit
  • oki3321 - Oki 3321 printer (generally other Oki machines should work here)
    • a4-p - A4 paper in portrait orientation
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