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This branch is 172 commits ahead, 19782 commits behind master

Merge change 4431 to V8 2.0

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git-svn-id: ce2b1a6d-e550-0410-aec6-3dcde31c8c00
latest commit d2a152865e authored
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benchmarks Version 1.3.0.
include Version 2.0.6
samples Push version 1.2.0 to trunk.
src Merge change 4431 to V8 2.0
test Merge r3768 from bleeding_edge to branches/2.0 to fix
tools Version 2.0.6
.gitignore Version 2.0.4
AUTHORS Version 2.0.4
ChangeLog Version 2.0.6
LICENSE Version 1.3.6
SConstruct Version 2.0.6
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