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v8.xcodeproj Add support for building Xcode project files from GYP files
visual_studio Remove the Visual Studio project files Rewrite Makefile rules for Android to allow parallel execution Change default ARCH version in android low-level profiler script to 4.6 Android test runner: Make work on Mac Bash completion for d8: fix directory name completion
codemap.js Eliminate the need for code delete events in CPU profiler. use "git apply" instead of "patc…
consarray.js TickProcessor script reimplemented in JavaScript.
csvparser.js Shorten constructor names in JS tickprocessor.
freebsd-tick-processor * Fix build errors on FreeBSD 8.2 Fix harness for fuzzer to run for 100 iterations only. Align tools/ with --trace-gc-nvp output. Added check for trailing whitespaces and corrected existing violations.
generate-ten-powers.scm Fast double-to-ascii conversion. Fixing python deprecations.
linux-tick-processor Fix path to d8 and properly quote strings so it works with dash(1)
logreader.js Fixing presubmit.
mac-nm Fix mac-nm script to support filenames w/spaces
mac-tick-processor Implement shared libraries logging on Mac OS X, added required suppor… use "git apply" instead of "patc… Added check for trailing whitespaces and corrected existing violations.
profile.js Revert accidental r9229 and r9230
profile_view.js Shorten constructor names in JS tickprocessor. use "git apply" instead of "patc…
splaytree.js Remove support for logging into a memory buffer. tools/stats-viewer: Update chromium stats table layout. First commit of new tools/
windows-tick-processor.bat Make windows-tick-processor respect D8_PATH.
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