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oom_dump extracts useful information from Google Chrome OOM minidumps.

To build one needs a google-breakpad checkout

First, one needs to build and install breakpad itself. For instructions
check google-breakpad, but currently it's as easy as:

  sudo make install

(the catch: breakpad installs .so into /usr/local/lib, so you might
need some additional tweaking to make it discoverable, for example,
put a soft link into /usr/lib directory).

Next step is to build v8.  Note: you should build x64 version of v8,
if you're on 64-bit platform, otherwise you would get a link error when
building oom_dump.  Also, if you are testing against an older version of chrome
you should build the corresponding version of V8 to make sure that the type-id 
enum have the correct values.

The last step is to build oom_dump itself.  The following command should work:

  cd <v8 working copy>/tools/oom_dump
  scons BREAKPAD_DIR=<path to google-breakpad working copy>

(Additionally you can control v8 working copy dir, but the default should work.)

If everything goes fine, oom_dump <path to minidump> should print
some useful information about the OOM crash.

Note: currently only 32-bit Windows minidumps are supported.
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