vCheck Report

vCheck Report brings together the various vCheck projects in one place.

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  1. vCheck-AD

    vCheck report with various plugins relating to Active Directory environments

    PowerShell 12 4

  2. vCheck-DFS

    Branch of vCheck with DFS plugins

    PowerShell 3 2

  3. vCheck-Exchange

    vCheck report with various plugins relating to Exchange environments

    PowerShell 2 1

  4. vCheck-NSX

    vCheck-NSX is an NSX-focussed reporting tool that can give you a periodic (i.e. Daily) look into the health of your platform.

    PowerShell 10 4

  5. vCheck-vCD

    vCheck PowerCLI Script for vCD

    PowerShell 9 5

  6. vCheck-SCVMM

    vCheck for SCVMM

    PowerShell 5 5

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