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A simple app to keep track of words
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A simple app to keep track of words

What is language flip?

Language flip is a simple app created to help you to learn a new language. It works by storing phrases of words in 2 corresponding languages.

How do I use it

When you first open LanguageFlip, simply enter your native language, and the language you are learning. Then you can create a Phrasebook, in order to store similar phrases together. For example, you can create a PhraseBook for similar Foods. Open your PhraseBook by tapping on it, and then add Phrases. When you have lots of phrases, you can then Test yourself on them, by quizzing yourself. You can do this by pressing the game button within a phrase book. The quiz will ask you to type the corresponding Phrase out.

Created for CS31620 by Aaron Walker at the Department for Computer Science, Aberystwyth University

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