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For more information about this project read the blogpost from @sofakissen. (it's written in german)

Build Status


  • Django 1.4
  • django-allauth
  • geopy
  • django-gmapi
  • sorl-thumbnail
  • django-dajaxice
  • django-dajax
  • django-gravatar2


We assume in the following you have Python and setuptools installed. If python2 isn't your default Python version, you have to replace the easy_install command with the approriate command (i.e. easy-install-2.7)

1. Clone the Repo

git clone

2. Install the dependencies

pip install -r dependencies.txt

3. Create hfa/

Copy and rename the hfa/ and configure it to your local needs.

4. Create the Database

./ syncdb during this step the script will also create an admin user

5. (optional) Populate the project with test data

./ populateTestUsers

./ populateTestHardware

6. Run the test server

./ runserver

7. Run the unittests

./ test main hardware users