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Author : Gassim Salah-Eddine
Description : This script look for a specific virtual machine and extract all the related events.
The events type can be one of the following: Reboot, Shutdown or Standby.
Usage : ViewVmEvents -h
Website :
import argparse, ssl, atexit
from pyVim import connect
from pyVmomi import vim
from colorama import init, Fore, Back, Style
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="View Events related to a specific virtual machine")
parser.add_argument("vc", help="vCenter Server FQDN or IP", metavar="vCenter")
parser.add_argument("user", help="Username to connect to the vCenter", metavar="UserName")
parser.add_argument("pwd", help="Password to connect to the vCenter", metavar="Password")
parser.add_argument("vm", help="Virtual machine name (Case-sensitive)", metavar="VirtualMachine")
parser.add_argument("event", help="Event type: Reboot, Shutdown, Standby", metavar="EventType")
args = parser.parse_args()
eventType = {'Reboot':'VmGuestRebootEvent','Shutdown':'VmGuestShutdownEvent','Standby':'VmGuestStandbyEvent'}
if args.event not in eventType.keys():
print("Please specify one of the following events type: Reboot, Shutdown, Standby")
raise SystemExit(-1)
def main():
content = None
found = None
# Disabling SSL certificate checking
context = ssl.SSLContext(ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1)
context.verify_mode = ssl.CERT_NONE
si = None
# Getting the Sevice Instance
si = connect.SmartConnect(protocol="https",,port=443,user=args.user,pwd=args.pwd,sslContext=context)
print("Could not connect to the specified vCenter, please check the provided FQDN/IP, username and password")
raise SystemExit(-1)
#Cleanly disconnect
atexit.register(connect.Disconnect, si)
content = si.RetrieveServiceContent()
# retreive hosts
hosts = content.viewManager.CreateContainerView(content.rootFolder,[vim.HostSystem],True)
for h in hosts.view:
#retreive VMs
for v in h.vm:
if (args.vm ==
print("\r\n[*] Virtual Machine \033[32m {} \033[0mis located on ESXi: \033[32m{}\033[0m and hosted on datastore: \033[32m{}\033[0m"\
eMgrRef = content.eventManager
filter = vim.event.EventFilterSpec.ByEntity(entity=v, recursion="self")
filter_spec = vim.event.EventFilterSpec()
filter_spec.eventTypeId = str(eventType[args.event])
filter_spec.entity = filter
event_res = eMgrRef.QueryEvents(filter_spec)
print("[*] Events count : \033[32m{}\033[0m".format(len(event_res)))
for e in event_res:
print("{} \033[32m@\033[0m {:%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S}".format(e.fullFormattedMessage,e.createdTime))
found = True
if found != True:
print("\r\nVirtual Machine \033[32m{}\033[0m Not Found".format(args.vm))