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ChangeLog for vNugglets.Utility PowerShell module

v1.2, released 18 Jun 2017

  • [improvement] updated function Get-VNVMByAddress:
    • greatly increased speed by using VMware.Vim.SearchIndex for by-IP searches (SearchIndex search methods do not support wildcard, though, so getting VM by wildcard address still uses slower mechanism); example speed increase for searching for VM by specific IP: went from 13s to about 0.25s in a vCenter with about 7,500 VMs -- woo-hoo!
    • added new parameters -GuestHostname and -UUID to support for searching by guest DNS name or VM BIOS UUID, respectively (these also use methods of VMware.Vim.SearchIndex object, so the searches are super fast)
  • [improvement] updated function Copy-VNVIRole:
    • takes new parameter, -SourceRole, for passing VIRole object itself as value, and this parameter accepts value from pipeline, for more natural use of cmdlet
    • deduces source vCenter server from -SourceRole value, simplifying use of cmdlet (no need to specify -SourceVCName parameter when providing the source VIRole object)
    • -DestinationVCName parameter now optional, further simplifying use of cmdlet; if parameter not specified, destination vCenter will be the same as the source vCenter
  • [internal improvement] updated module prepartion to use Update-ModuleManifest for keeping module manifest in shape
    • added manifest entries for tags and for URIs for project, release notes, license, etc.
    • prepared for publishing to the PowerShellGallery)

v1.1, released 20 Dec 2016

  • [new] added function Find-VNVMWithDuplicateMACAddress for finding duplicate VM NIC MAC address in vCenter
  • [improvement] updated function Get-VNVMEVCInfo to take Cluster object from pipeline, and to take VM object instead of VMId (far better usability)

v1.0, released 05 Dec 2016

  • created module from many of the juicy snippets/functions that we shared at over the years
  • updated Copy-VNVIRole to be a safer function overall by removing old Invoke-Expression methodology
  • standardized parameter names across cmdlets in the module and expanded some previously truncated/cryptic parameter names (go, usability and discoverability!)
  • added/updated "by name regular expression pattern" and "by literal name string" parameters to several cmdlets
  • modernized cmdlets to use capabilities of somewhat newer PowerShell releases (like ordered hashtables) and built-in property return iteration, breaking PowerShell v2.0 compatibility (it's time to upgrade, right?)
  • updated Invoke-VNEvacuateDatastore:
    • added feature that uses any/all datastores in datastore cluster (when specifying a datastore cluster for Destination parameter value) for potential destination per object (this allows for a potentially different datastore for each virtual disk on a VM)
    • added ability to exclude a VM/template's files from evacuation process (via parameter)
    • added -WhatIf support
  • updated cmdlet names to use standard/approved verbs where they were not already in use. Renamed functions/snippets as follows:
    • Get-VNVMByRDM was "Get-VMWithGivenRDM"
    • Get-VNVMByVirtualPortGroup was "Get-VMOnNetworkPortGroup"
    • Get-VNVMHostBrokenUplink was "Get-BustedVmnic"
    • Invoke-VNEvacuateDatastore was "Evacuate-Datastore"
  • started writing the Pester tests for the cmdlets (many more to go, still)
  • added proper comment-based help to all cmdlets (as described in PowerShell Help topic about_Comment_Based_Help)
  • included "about" help topic, about_vNugglets.Utility
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